Honor of Kings will be adding 3 new characters into the game and announces High 5 Festival where players can get various rewards

With Honor of Kings release of new heroes every other week, players are sure busy trying every new hero that was added to the game’s roster. However, for this month of May, Level Infinite has given us a heads up that this is the month that players could look forward to.

hok erin.jpg

For those who want to expand their playstyles and win limited edition prizes, this is the month for you, since this May, Mage Yuhuan, Marksman Eri, and Fighter Nezha will be joining the game’s playable characters.

hok nezha.jpg

For the new characters, below is the date of when they will be released as well as their description:
  • May 3: Musical mage Yuhuan plays tunes that can either attack enemies or protect teammates, making her a valuable teammate you would want to stay close to. Yuhuan’s Ultra makes it so she cannot be targeted so she can avoid taking damage.
  • May 14: Marksman Erin is an Elf Princess with a stable of unique attacks. Her affinity with the forest sees an Ultra that showers laurel leaves on the enemy
  • May 29: Fans of Chinese mythology will be excited for new fighter Nezha. Sporting his iconic fire wheels, Nezha roams the lanes in style, providing support for his team by dealing damage with his trusty spear.
hok yuhuan.jpg

Aside from the new heroes, players can also expect the High 5 Festival this May as it promises rewards for anyone and everyone. Players can form a new team with friends so that more rewards can be unlocked.

During the festival, there is an event called the Perks Card Event, where players can enjoy several benefits such as team rank privilege chests, Hero experience cards and special kill effects when teaming up.

Add to that, players who will log into the event will get rewards like Mulan’s Bouncer Skin, a Level 5 Arcana experience card and 100 Arcana, an element that players can use to boost their heroes’ attributes. Players can also further enjoy the event as all heroes will be free to play and there’ll be five selected skins, including one S-Class skin, that players can get for free.

Aside from those mentioned above, below are more highlights that players can enjoy during the High 5 Festival, which are:
  • Egg theft event: Players complete daily missions to earn food for the Overlord, which in turn increases the rate at which the Overlord produces eggs, making even more available to steal and earn rewards.
  • Bingo event: Light up icons in a row or column to receive the corresponding rewards. Complete the entire Bingo card for a bigger reward.
  • Puzzle event: Players can collect puzzle pieces and unlock rewards. Those who complete the puzzle will get a permanent skin.
There are new skins for heroes as well, including:
  • The Mask Spirits collection featuring Three Kingdoms’ Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei
  • Daji’s first ultimate skin featuring the beautiful Nine-tailed Fox
  • The Journey to the West series, inspired by the classic novel, with new looks for Wukong, Arli, and Lady Zhen.
The High 5 Festival is available for players residing in Brazil, Turkey, MENA, CIS regions and parts of the SEA region. Dive into the festivities of the game and enjoy the rewards it offers!