Honor of Kings: World trademark has received approval in India and is prepared for further release

Honor of Kings: World is acting in a manner similar to the original Honor of Kings title. The much anticipated 5v5 MOBA's global release details have been revealed, but Honor of Kings: World, its open-world role-playing game spin-off, has apparently had its trademark approved in India and is prepared for further distribution.


Tencent Games, the publisher, indicated that it intended to distribute Honor of Kings: World in India by registering the trademark for the game with the Trade Marks Registry in November 2023. Tencent is excitedly anticipating the results of the trademark application, which was filed on November 9, 2023, in order to move on with its plans to present Honor of Kings: World to the Indian market.

The application makes it clear that the November filing was verified two months later based on the facts provided. The application's status changed from Marked for Exam to Accepted and Advertised on January 1, 2024. We can now verify that the game is prepared to move forward with more procedures, and Tencent may start testing and setting up the required release schedules.

Honor of Kings: World, as previously mentioned, is a spin-off of the well-liked Honor of Kings IP and will be developed by TiMi Studio Group, with Tencent Games handling publishing. The game was first announced in November 2021. Details about its combat style, game mechanics, and other aspects were unveiled in a gameplay trailer that was released the following year. More information was provided in a gameplay trailer that was released in October 2023.

Players will have the flexibility to explore an amazing gaming environment, take on challenging enemies, and go on a variety of adventures in this new open-world role-playing game. Although the process has started, it may take some time before Honor of Kings: World is released fully, whether it is in India or elsewhere in the world.