Honor of Kings Worlds, Final Fantasy XVI PC, John Wick Video Game, Maplestory R Evolution, Diablo Immortal Fined and more

In our recent gaming podcast Filipino gamers discuss Honor of Kings spinng of game Honor of Kings Worlds, Final Fantasy XVI coming to PC, Diablo Immortal Fined for Microtransactions, Netflix One Piece Going Merry Photo, Maple Story R Evolution, Second Wave Anime themed MOBA shooter, John Wick Video game, and the Interactive streaming Silent Hill Ascension.

Diablo Immortal Fined​

According to a new update from MSN the Diablo Immortal game publisher Activision Blizzard has been fined. Since its Activision, it's obvious why there are fines of course this is about microtransactions. Basically, PEGI fined Activision Blizzard over the inclusion of microtransactions in its 2022 mobile game Diablo Immortal. This is not new why are they fined alot of games are doing this? Well the microtransactions were not disclosed to PEGI when the games were submitted for a rating license. Last week we talked about Nintendo getting sued this week its about Diablo Immortal. Good news right? Unfortunately its a big no coz the fine is only 5,000 Eurors and according to MSN Diablo Immortal was estimated to be making $1 million a day, the fine is basically nothing.

Final Fantasy XVI PC​

Remember we kept talking about if Final Fantasy 16 is coming out on PC or not? This is because of their confusing ads which states its releasing in PC, then they will follow up with no they are not. Well ok good news we have confirmation, it's coming in PC! In an interview with Ascii, FFXVI producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that production on a PC port will start after the PS5 version launches. So yeah just want to share that seems like im back at not buying PS5 ill probably wait for the PC release

Honor of Kings Worlds​

Last time we talked about the global release date of honor kings and how big their esports prizes are. Since its published by Tencent who basically owns the majority of game publishers. But to those who don't know Honor of Kings is a mobile MOBA game similar to Mobile Legends or LoL Wildrift. In the Philippines we have Arena of Valor, which is the international adaptation of Honor of Kings. And according to the gamingphone.com the Honor of Kings global should release this 2023, but till now nothing yet except for Brazil the game launched there last March 8.

Ok, so why are we talking about Honor Kings? Well they are actually releasing an open-world action RPG called Honor of Kings: World. This announcement was mentioned in 2021 if I'm not mistaken and not many details was shared. So after a while of silence, they release a gameplay trailer in collaboration with Nvidia. Things they shared on the gameplay is the exploration side, this includes traversal from underwater and air with gliding. There seems to have some futuristic aspect with a hover suit complete with projectile-based weaponry. As for the combat, it features the usage of a variety of elemental spells. Graphics well it looks good as far as what i saw since its an Nvidia collaboration. If you are interested at Honor of Kings Worlds unfortunately there was no release date mentioned but for now you can check the combat trailer on youtube.

One Piece Going Merry
Did you guys see the Netflix One Piece Going Merry? Basically instead of the cute round goat they use goat with an open mouth, if you play Ragnarok imagine baphomet. Some find it scary, especially in Japan according to Sorra News 24.

MapleStory R
Is anyone familiar with Maple Story? Its a side-scrolling MMORPG by Nexon. Apparently, they are releasing another Mobile Game, if before its maple story m now they are releasing Maple Story R Evolution. Although its an Idle game it will have the map, bgm, and other classical content. If you are interested the pre-registration is available, I didn't see any release date maybe its released after this video comes out.

Second wave
There is a new MOBA Shooter game in development called Second Wave, so this is like Paladins or Overwatch. The game is going to be free to play with anime-styled characters, Interesting right? However, there seems to be a minor issue, upon checking the game the UI like icons background looks like Genshin Impact and the developer is not Mihoyo, weird right?

Silent Hill Ascension
Seems like we have a release window for a new Silent Hill title called Silent Hill Ascension. The streaming series is planned to be released in late 2023. Yes it's an interactive streaming series, basically a unique mix of a streaming show and a video game where you can influence the outcome. Im not sure how much you can control the characters like Undawn games or it may just be like theBlack Mirror: Bandersnatch. If you are interested platforms for the streaming series haven’t been announced, but planned this 2023.

John Wick Game
If you like John Wick it seems like lions gate is interested in expanding the franchise to video games. Note: they released a voxel-based John Wick game before but this time they might be doing a Tripple A title. Although not confirmed here is what they said, there is a "ton of energy" around the prospect of making a John Wick video game. Lionsgate said the company believes "there is a big AAA game to be made out of John Wick," and that the company has fielded proposals for it, guess will have to see!


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