Horror Survival game Nyctophobia: developed by a Filipino student

Keneth Agar a student from Los Banos Laguna, developed a horror game inspired by the movie "Grave Encounter" The story runs as a teen who wants to discover and learn the truth about a strangely deserted asylum close to your home. While investigating, things start to get a little rough and dangerous, so you try to quit, but they won't let you.


Based on its developer, the game is still currently being improved but you can still access and download the game through this link https://kenethdev.itch.io/nyctophobia. Link for donations is also included in the link provided, which will be extremely helpful to help him fund up to afford to buy a new setup for his developing rig.


Any DONATIONS will extremely help me to make great progress developing this game and I really so much appreciate it a lot. I will upgrade my low spec laptop to be able to finish this game and make a lot more games in the near future.

Navigation is simply just the typical gaming controls, ASWD to Walk, Shift to Run, E to Open Door, Left MB to Grab Objects.


Bugs were also fixed from the 1.1 and 1.2 patch updates last April 10-11, 2021.
Here are the rundowns of the bugs fixes

  • Fixed Flashlight Bug that involves flashlight become unstable in a certain area of the map.
  • Fixed Trigger repeating the sound all over again in some part of the kitchen.
  • Fixed some UI glitches.
  • Added a new Jumpscare!
  • Slightly improve Graphics / Visuals
  • Fixed some Collider Issues
  • Decrease the walking speed a bit (Before; 2 speed | Now: 1.3 speed)
  • Fixed messy Triggers
  • Clean some codes
  • Adjust camera FOV + Flashlight Intensity a little bit
  • Added some new Jumpscares

Developer’s Note:
This is a Demo version so expect some bugs and glitches throughout the game. Also, the development of this game is super slow due to my financial problem and my hardware limitation. My laptop was so freaking low specs. So I always experience a lot of lags and struggle to make progress. Despite struggling to finish this game. I am doing all my best and hard work to deliver an extreme horror experience and make a living out of it. I hope you understand if the release date of this demo is months away. Thank You!
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