Hot Summer Season Begins in Black Desert SEA with Special Benefits

Pearl Abyss announced that the new Summer season will start today in Black Desert SEA. Along with the character's growth benefit, this season focuses on horse taming in order to acquire a top-tier horse. Adventurers are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to obtain a Dream Horse, which allows them to travel faster around the vast world of Black Desert.

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Adventurers can create seasonal characters and complete challenges throughout the Season Pass to obtain the "8th Gen Female Horse" that possesses moving skills including "Chain: Instant Accel", "Instant Accel", and "S: Sideways". With these essential skills, Adventurers can quickly attempt Courser awakening to acquire a "Dream Horse".

Not only a majestic transportation method, Dream Horses are also the most desirable achievement in Black Desert SEA. There are three types of Dream Horses, each with a unique appearance and ability. For example, the Diné looks like a unicorn and has the ability to gallop through the desert without any movement speed reduction penalty.

In addition, Adventurers can collect "Summer Seals" by completing Season Pass milestones. These Seals can be exchanged for various rewards such as: Advice of Valks (+140), 3 Weapon Exchange Coupons, Krogdalo's Origin Stone, and a Choose Your Pet Box.

As announced earlier, Adventurers can enjoy the event "[Woosa] Ready for Awakening'' and prepare for Woosa's Awakening release on May 31. Those who reach level 56 with a Woosa character can acquire a Scroll of Woodo Arts that can be equipped in the Tome slot. This scroll contains a variety of buffs such as 100% Combat EXP, 20% Skill EXP, and 10% Item Drop Rate increase.

Last but not least, Black Desert SEA is premiering the Developer's Commentary Video through its official YouTube channel on May 26. Adventurers can expect to find more details on the upcoming Awakening Woosa class and the 'Land of the Morning Light' expansion.

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