HoTs skin guide


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Jun 27, 2018
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A quick guide for those of you (myself included) to get those sweet Overwatch skins who either hate HotS or have terrible computers but don't want to be completely dead weight. (I ran at lowest settings but still maxed out at 5 frames per second because my laptop is a craptop)

Grab your friend or random pairing and run easy AI matches (at least until you get Genji, the next five for D.Va can't be AI)

Buy the support and specialist mega bundle with the gems it gives you at the start. Abathur is the least demanding hero in the game.

At spawn, hit Q and click a teammate. This puts a symbiote over that teammate. Now for the rest of the game, your camera tracks that player and you are effectively playing as that symbiote. You don't have to move!

Q fires a standard shot, W fires a radius blast, and E puts up a shield on the teammate. As you unlock upgrades, definitely pick up the perk that makes your bubble heal, and then the perk that gives bubble to nearby allies.

Basically just use your bubble for healing and shoot at stuff if you feel like it or are actually capable with your computer.

It took just under two hours for the Genji skin. Good luck to anyone else trying to do this!