How did I level up so fast in RoM?


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May 1, 2019
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Question: How did I level up so fast?

1. Thru In game item purchase

1.a. Premium Card
- Base and Job exp increased by 5%
- EXP and drop rate increased by 33% when stamina is borderline yellow-red (that's why it is still OK to grind more when stamina indicator is yellow)

1.b Premium Items
1.b1 Saint Set
- Base exp increased by a total of 40%
- Job exp increased by a total of 30%
- stat bonuses

1.b2 Fantasy Generator Items (Gacha)
- Equipped headgear has a total of 8% increased exp gain
- stat bonuses

Base Level - 53%
Job Level - 43%

2. Leveling Technique

LOW LEVEL (1-40) DAY 1

Achieve 2nd job without exhausting your first 300 stamina

- DO YOU MAIN QUEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (main quest indicates RED (!) mark)

You will come to a point that the main quest will have a level requirement, this is the point wherein you will gain experience thru the following:

a. Monster grinding / Item farm
a1. Grind monsters according to your level (+/- 10 of your level)
a2. Grind monsters that you can instantly kill
a3. Grind on a location with bulk monster spawn

b. Item farm
- Always check Auction House / Exchange, look for fast moving item (items in timer) and hunt for those materials.

c. Bard Quest
- You can perform this quest in every town while leveling up.

d. Monster Resistance Quest (Level 22) twice daily
- Take this to gain 10x normal exp per day (fixed exp gain only) If you forgot to take this, it can stack upto 6 times only.

e. Mission Board
- 10 quest to boost your exp gain, take note that some of the quest here is requiring you to loot items, spare some stamina or better buy at exchange / auction house


f. Lightning Chain
- Consumes stamina twice for x2 loot and exp rate until 300 stamina, this item is available for purchase at prontera NPC (old man - event item shop for 50k Zeny)

g. Music Box
- Gain stamina (1 minute / 1 stamina) when staying near the music box, it is located at the south of prontera or on your own guild house.

DAY 2 onward
- Grind first before quest, by this time you can instantly kill any monster for you now have better stats many skills to use (please see pictures on this post)

My routine
- Music Box (1hr)
- Grind with chain (3~4 hour grind) w/ monster resistance
- Daily Quest (Board Quest, Bard Quest, Training Ground, PVP, clear rift as of now)
- Other quest (green ! marker)


☼ How to complete Saint Set with minimal spending?
- Note that every pull of saint item increases consumption of BCC? I managed to complete the saint set within 3 days with minimum spending of 75 BCC (1-2 pull per day)

☼ Take all main quest simultaneously as possible, some of quest overlaps (same monsters to kill) so more quest will be completed at a short amount of time, don't forget that bard quest!

☼ Always check Auction House for fast moving items, rest will follow (autosell)

☼ Play with in game friends you can rely on, find a good party to do Boss Hunt (MVP). You can gain more zeny through boss hunt item drops.

Why I chose to level up fast?
1. Advance hunting of higher materials as soon as possible
(targeting the bapho* daily event at glastheim - broken blade drop, now 60k per item always timer at exchange)
2. Advance hunting of mini's (higher level)
3. Minimum train encounter with killing enemy monsters (majority of players I observe were 10 levels below me)
4. This is not my main character, this is just my server start-up character
5. Advance crafting of items and over-upgrade to +5 (this is so fast to sell and much zeny gain - and yes sometimes I loose zeny to gear being broken)


☼ This is per my in game experience, Iv'e played CN and KR server, I learned a lot from CN and applied my gained knowledge in KR (and had earn tons of zeny, like around 500M beyond my needed items, i know it's not that much but i'm happy for it). Now playing same technique in SEA.

☼ I don't play full time, I'm a Dad with two kids, I just play smart while doing my daddy duties

You can message me for other questions, I will reply as fast as I can.