How Has Shadow Arena's Final Beta Improved?

Pearl Abyss has announced that its new PC title Shadow Arena will enter the final Beta. Running from April 17 to April 20, the Beta will be available across the globe with support in 14 languages.

Shadow Arena is an action battle royale where Heroes battle against each other to be the last person standing on the battlefield. It is planned for global release in the first half of this year.

The final Beta will include several new contents that are expected to be easily playable by even new players. Normal Match, AI Matches, a Recent Match History browsing feature, and a rank-based matching algorithm can be found in the upcoming Beta.

Unlike the previous Beta, which was mainly about introducing new contents, the final Beta will focus on in-game tweaks that are designed to enhance the gaming experience for first-time players.

New Contents That Users Can Enjoy

In addition to the existing Solo, Team, and Practice modes, the final Beta will offer two additional modes that both experienced and new Heroes can look forward to.

In the Normal Match mode, Heroes can play games that won’t count towards their ranks. AI Matches offers Heroes an opportunity to familiarize themselves to the terrain of a map and practice different skill combinations against the AI.

Improved Completeness of Contents

Shadow Arena’s in-game matching system will reflect user feedback from the previous tests. The in-game ranking system will be improved so that Heroes can combat against those with similar skills. To ensure the quickest matching possible, the algorithm will variably match Heroes against the most similarly ranked opponents who are logged in at the time.

Moreover, players will be able to look up a Hero’s rank, kill count, points earned, and recent matches played through the Recent Match History browsing feature.

Registration for the final Beta is now available on the official website and Steam. A 'Premium Beta Key' will be given to all testers who apply by April 16th. Those who receive the Premium Beta Key can get the highest grade sealed items including Shadow Lord's weapons and armor, Elixir of Swiftness, Elixir of Vigilance, Matchlock, and Red Dragon's Offering.

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