How League of Legends Music Revolutionized Esports Entertainment

Guild of Guardians
Esports back in the day were just a budding field of sports where some people organized events within their areas and have fun while competing fiercely for a chance to be one of the best in their regions. It started with classic Starcraft tournaments and expanded to Counter Strike to finally MOBAs like DOTA and League of Legends and it is a fact that League of Legends was the trendsetter on how game companies establish their own esport tournaments for their respective games but there is more than what meets the eye of this behemoth franchise.

Every year before their grand finals or the Worlds tournament. League of Legends always release music that would be the theme song of their tournament, it started with Warriors where they collaborated with Imagine Dragons, but it was then that they realized that they have created a culture that League of Legends players and esports enthusiasts would anticipate and wait for the new song to drop. Because besides sounding amazing, it has amazing visuals that usually contains lore which another aspect that League of Legends is doing great at.

As a League of Legends Player, I would also anticipate the music that they would release, because I use it most of the time to inspire myself to rank up even higher and challenge myself against opponents that can sometimes be hard to defeat. It brings about a boost of morale to strengthen myself to climb up the ladder even further. In my experience, their latest song "Giants" helped me become hyped at my games which I used to garner 7 consecutive wins in ladder to climb from Silver II to Gold IV before the season ending. It was a tough grind but I made thanks to the music that made me feel like a giant...

In other cases, I played "Legends Never Die" while I was writing my thesis paper which I failed a couple of times, it gave me the boost I need to finish it before the deadline arrives and my team and I passed the paper in time and finally finished said subject. While it is not related in League, it is worth noting that music really brings a whole new layer in people's lives and I know of other people who listen to League music whenever they have because it has great sounds, lyrics and graphics altogether to make a fantastic mix.

It is very noticeable on how the players were anticipating the League Esports Song last year and they were not disappointed when they have heard it. Pop Stars and Giants have trended in Youtube after their respective release which is a thing worth mentioning since people have been saying that League is on a decline with their statistics and whatnot only to be pushed back by the trending of the songs and how the comments say that League of Legends are innovating things.

With the release of more games and more League media, it is safe to say LOL is here to stay and dominate the scene for a long time. Let's hope for more things to come!