How Ruins should be played in PUBG M


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May 12, 2019
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Ruins is a Gunslinger favorite spot in Sanhok, with a variety of resources and even rare equipment is easy to collect. Therefore, choosing Ruins as the first landing place, it’s easy to get rich overnight, laying a more solid equipment foundation for the final chicken dinner. However, the high probability of encountering the enemy here also makes Ruins one of the most dangerous areas. The choice of relatively quiet shooting points has become the focus of collecting resources and getting kills. Next, let's take a closer look!

Peripheral cliff point - easy to defend and difficult to attack, sniping the enemies to suspect their life!
It is located in the outermost area of Ruins, and the opposite of Ruins is a cliff-like terrain, which belongs to the commanding heights in the terrain. It is easy to defend and difficult to attack!

The cliff-like terrain makes the front of the buddy have better shooting safety. The enemy can't climb directly from the cliff, and it is more secure to shoot safely. The terrain here is high, by using an assault rifle equipped with 4x scope or more, you can put all the important points in Ruins into the firing range, thereby getting kills would be in the bag. Moreover, here, in the peripheral area farther away from Ruins, with fewer enemies, making it a great place for buddies to gather kills.

Small Altars - obstacle terrain, shooting safer and more efficient
There are several small platform altars on the outskirts of the central Ruins. It has a relatively wide field of view and a huge "bell" type of obstacle terrain, which also gives buddies a great safety when shooting.

The Small Altars is an excellent obstacle terrain area in Ruins. The huge "bell" type obstacle can easily hide for the buddy, and even hide 2-3 partners at the same time. Such terrain conditions allow the buddies to collide with the enemies in front of them. They can use the "bell" type obstacles as a bunker, alternately cover their teammates for safer cartridge replacement or bandage treatment. At the same time, the "bell" type obstacles are also convenient for the buddies to use their own guns which equipped with sights to make long-distance sneak attacks on the central Ruins.

The skylight at the top of the altar - ambush is better here
There is a huge skylight at the top of the altar. The skylight is the best terrain to fire the interior of the altar. If you use ambush tactics, it is not a matter of harvesting the kill!

The top skylight has a high to low view, allowing the buddy to easily capture the enemies inside the two layers of altar . If the buddy uses the top equipment inside the altar as a bait, then the best time to shot is when the enemy collects the equipment.

The narrow terrain conditions inside the altar also allow the buddies to have more attack techniques. For example, buddies can use the characteristics of wall bounce, throwing all kinds of grenades, the ubiquitous grenade fragments can achieve the no dead angle attack. Buddies can also use the assault rifle with the red dot sight to block the passage into the altar. There is no space for the enemy to hide the bullet in the narrow passage.

These points in Ruins belong to the “cold” points that are easily overlooked, but these points have excellent position effects. If the squad starts, you can take a rappelling at the Ruins's peripheral resource points, and after collecting the basic combat equipment, gradually use these secluded points from the outside to the inside, then getting kills will be easily.
Key points
These relatively unknown points in Ruins make it easier for buddies to launch sneak attacks from locations that the enemy can't anticipate. Getting kills and resources are really easy!
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May 20, 2019
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This guide is absolutely great! I read some good hints also on this blog but you looked just in the core of the process

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Jun 26, 2023
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thomas parker
Use your SMGs and shotguns to your advantage; Ruins is a superb map for close-quarters warfare. Take advantage of the numerous blind spots and choke points by being aware of them.