How to buy CS GO in the Philippines

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Sep 21, 2014
How to buy CS-GO in Philippines using this steps:

Credit Card

1. In your main Steam window, look at the top right where it shows your username.
2. Click on your username and a small menu should appear.
3. Click on "account details" in that small menu and you will be brought to

4. The first thing you'll see on that page is "Store & Purchase History" and below that it says "+ Add funds to your Steam Wallet". Click on "+ Add funds to your Steam Wallet".

5. You'll now be asked how much you want to ask, just click on whichever. Don't worry, just click.

6. This next window will be the important one. It will say "Please select payment method" and it will have a dropdown menu. You can see for yourself which payment options are available in your region.

7. Fill up the field required then click Continue now your good to go.


1. In your browser go to
2. First step is choosing how much Steam wallet you want to buy, on this tutorial I have chosen PHP1000

3. The second step is choosing the payment method you want, but in coda shop it automatically picks the best deal for you. I selected GCASH payment on this example.

4. The third step will require you to input your Email address because this is where they will send the PIN CODE to be redeemed.

5. Lastly this step will be different which depends on your payment method for GCASH method it will require your mobile digit number.


This is only for GLOBE and TM Postpaid users
1. In your browser, go to
2. Click Sign up and fill the required field or input the GLOBE/TM postpaid number you want to register.

3. After the registration look for the game CS GO and click it.

4. Choose how much steam wallet you want to buy, then click add to card

5. After choosing the desired amount just click add to card then proceed to check out and wait for the code to be sent on your GLOBE/TM postpaid number.


1. Using your PC, mobile phone or tablet, go to
2. Select the game that you are playing. You will be redirected to your chosen game’s page. Choose the ePIN amount or denomination you want to buy from the dropdown selection and click BUY.

3. Upon clicking 'BUY' you will be prompted to enter your mobile number, then click proceed.

4.You will receive a verification code via SMS.

5.Enter the Verification Code.

6. Click ‘SUBMIT’. If you have sufficient mobile load balance [prepaid] or credit limit [postpaid], your transaction will proceed. Upon successful transaction, Click the ‘CLICK TO VIEW PURCHASED PIN’ button.

7. Your ePIN code will be displayed on web.

8. When you click “DONE” you will be redirected to homepage.
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Sep 21, 2014

1. Go to

2. Click the Sign up button and fill all the required field for the registration.

3. Locate the CS GO game and click it.

4. After clicking the Counter Strike Global Offensive link, just click BUY NOW if you want to proceed.

5. You will be prompt to the next page which will require to check the terms and conditions and your email once your done just click Go to Payment.

6. On the payment method you can choose what payment you want to do, after filling all the required fields after that your done, you can check the email that you have inputted for the ePin.

Globe 2656

This is the easiest way to buy Steam wallet from globe, just get your mobile phone and text STEAM 500 and send to 2656, just wait for the verification and the code if you have enough balance to purchase this is available on Postpaid. The available purchase is 250, 500 and 1000.

Secret Shop

1. On your web browser go to

2. Click the create account button and fill all the required field.

3. After the registration, look for the steam on the Brands Tab.

4. Once you are prompted the next page, you will be choosing the amount of steam wallet you want to buy.

5. Once you have confirmed the amount you have chosen, just proceed to the check out.

6. The next step is to be filling the billing information, for security purposes and confirmation.

7. The last step is choosing the payment method you want, after this you may now click Complete order.

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