How to buy Mobile Legends Diamonds using Codashop

Playing the game with flair is something that gamers always want to play when they are dedicated to the game. When you want to be the best form of yourself, you got to be confident, and skins can make you feel like the MVP of each game. It is pretty understandable why people like it. Don't mind the haters, wear the skins you like to use in the game. But what if you do not know how to purchase skins in a game like Mobile Legends and you still want to do it? Do not worry, let's talk about how it is possible with Codashop.

Mobile Legends Diamonds Codashop.png

Codashop lets you purchase game credits in various games via cellphone load. The way it works is easy and we will talk about how you can purchase Mobile Legends' Diamonds. We know that some of you are dying to get the new skin of your favorite hero so that you can be stylish and beast (or feed) against the enemies that you will be facing in the game.

The first step is that you need to determine which you will purchase the diamonds. Would it be on Smart or Globe because both have different links to go to, as for Globe and TM users, they need to go to this website: while Smart, Sun and TNT users go to this one:, once they are done we can proceed to the next step.

You need to know your UID or User ID in the game, to get it, you need to click at your profile picture in the game, and in the right corner you can see it quickly. Input it in the text box that is necessary. Then you need to select the amount of diamonds that you will purchase. It will vary from 11 diamonds in the lowest and 2398 diamonds as the highest value.

Mobile Legends Diamonds Codashop a.png

Mobile Legends Diamonds Codashop b.png

Then select your preferred payment method, for Globe and TM, people can use either Globe or TM Load or GCash, while Smart, Sun, and TNT can only select their load as the option. Finally, if you like to have a receipt for future reference, you can simply add your email address to the final option however it is optional. So do it if you like.

Mobile Legends Diamonds Codashop c.png

Mobile Legends Diamonds Codashop d.png

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If you did all the things right, you will be asked to type your mobile number on the next screen in which after you do, you will need to verify your purchase with a 6-digit code you will receive on your phone. Type it in to confirm and voila! your diamonds are already on its way to your account. Codashop has been verified as legitimate by a lot of people who purchased it so they do not need to worry if it is legitimate or not.

Mobile Legends Diamonds Codashop f.png

With all that's said, I hope we see you in Mobile Legends or even in any game that Codashop offers its service with the skin you like to use and flaunt your skins and of course, skills in the game!