How to Claim Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Stream Incentive Program Rewards

With Honkai: Star Rail's much anticipated Twitch Live Stream Incentive Program, players can get rewards for streaming the game, continuing a pattern started by Genshin Impact, where players could get Primogems for streaming and reaching particular goals in particular streaming times. Players can participate in the Twitch Streamer Incentive Program and broadcast Honkai: Star Rail during this event to earn a variety of worthwhile goodies.


Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Stream Incentive Program Requirements and Duration​

Event Duration: September 13, 2023 - October 15, 2023​

Live Stream Phase (September 13 - October 15)

Players can take part in this phase through Twitch-streaming Honkai: Star Rail. Based on their streaming activity, such as hitting particular milestones and keeping a set streaming duration, they have the chance to receive incentives. Engaging with the game's community and streaming gameplay on Twitch are the main goals of this phase.

Announcement and Information Collection (October 20 - November 3)

From October 20 through November 3 following the conclusion of the Live Stream Phase, the event's planners will compile data and examine the streams that were broadcast. They will make a list of the qualified applicants and give information on the incentives that gamers can anticipate based on their streaming success. During this stage, fairness and openness are guaranteed while allocating rewards.

Delivering Ranking Rewards (November 13 - December 13)

The awards obtained by players during the Live Stream Phase will be given out from November 13 to December 13. These bonuses could come in the form of in-game items, money, or other priceless resources. The event comes to a close during this phase, when participants are awarded their meritoriously earned prizes for actively streaming Honkai: Star Rail on Twitch. This event timetable offers a thorough breakdown of all the phases, enabling participants to understand when they can take part, how winners will be chosen, and when they can anticipate receiving their rewards.

How to Stream Honkai: Star Rail​

As a thorough resource for participants, the official HoYoLAB article for Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Incentive Program offers insightful information and solutions to frequently asked problems. It provides a comprehensive explanation of the program, outlining requirements for participation, award categories, and other crucial information that streamers and gamers need to take full advantage of this exciting event.


  • Login to the Official Event Website - Visit Honkai: Star Rail's Twitch Stream Event's official website. Use your HoYoverse account to log in. If you don't already have one, register for one on their website.
  • Link Twitch Account - Go to the section for event-related options or account settings. Locate the option to link your HoYoverse account to your Twitch account.
  • Prepare Streaming Setup - Set up the streaming application. Set up your camera and microphone, if applicable. Make your game's settings stream-friendly.
  • Start Streaming on Twitch - Activate Honkai: Star Rail. Use your favourite streaming application to start your Twitch stream. Make sure your audience can see your gameplay and hear you clearly.
  • Interact with your Viewers - Engage with your fans while you are streaming. Respond to inquiries and interact with the Honkai: Star Rail neighborhood.
  • Achieve Goals and Milestones - Strive to achieve the benchmarks and objectives outlined by the Twitch Streamer Incentive Program. This could involve keeping up a broadcast for a given amount of time, getting a certain quantity of viewers, or completing in-game objectives.
  • Wrap up Stream - Finish the Twitch broadcast appropriately. Thank them for watching and let them know about any upcoming streams.

How to Link Honkai: Star Rail to Twitch Account​

Log into your HoYoverse account on the official website, then scroll down to find the Twitch Stream Incentive Program to connect Honkai: Star Rail to Twitch. You will be led to the Official Twitch Website to join your Twitch account if you look for the "Stream Now" option. Once connected, you can begin streaming the game on Twitch and interacting with viewers.


Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Stream Incentive Program Rewards​

There are numerous different prize categories within the event, and each of these categories has particular requirements that participants must satisfy in order to obtain the associated rewards. Based on their actions and accomplishments during the event's duration, this framework enables players to participate in the event in a variety of ways and win a variety of prizes.

Daily Rewards​

  • Refined Aether x5
  • Traveler’s Guide x6
  • 11,111 Credits

Livestream Duration Milestone​

Stellar Jade x360
Live stream for 3 days in total​
Stellar Jade x660
Live stream for 5 days in total​
Stellar Jade x960
Live stream for 7 days in total​
Stellar Jade x1000
Live stream for 14 days in total​
Stellar Jade x1000
Live stream for 21 days in total​

Watch Duration Milestone​

Lost Crystal x6
The stream was watched for 5,000 minutes in total​
Stellar Jade x360
The stream was watched for 10,000 minutes in total​
Stellar Jade x660
The stream was watched for 30,000 minutes in total​
Stellar Jade x1000
The stream was watched for 50,000 minutes in total​
Stellar Jade x1000
The stream was watched for 100,000 minutes in total​

Streamer Leaderboard USD and Stellar Jade Rewards​

Stellar Jade​
No. 1
No. 2
No. 3
No. 4-5
No. 6-20
No. 21-50
No. 51-100
No. 101-200

Finally, the Honkai: Star Rail Twitch Incentive Program provides players with a thrilling opportunity to interact with the game's community, broadcast their gaming on Twitch, and win alluring rewards. There are several ways for users to earn incentives based on their participation, including daily rewards, live stream duration milestones, and watch duration milestones.

The addition of a leaderboard for streamers that offers the chance to win cash prizes also gives the event a competitive element. This program develops a lively and active streaming community around Honkai: Star Rail in addition to encouraging players to immerse themselves in the game's setting.