How to Connect PPSSPP Android Online via Hamachi


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Aug 15, 2018
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STEP1: Register an account at You need to verify your E-mail after register.

STEP 2: Login your account and go to My Networks. Click Add Client. Then add mobile client and then click continue. Now put any client name you want.

STEP 3: TAKE NOTE of Device configurations. We will need it in Step 4. Fill up Join network. It’s either you look for an existing Network or make one via Hamachi in PC. Mark check at PPTP and Send all traffic over VPN.

STEP 4: Now let’s proceed on your Phone Setting.Go to Settings>More networks>VPN. Now add a VPN. Put any Name of your VPN. VPN type must be PPTP. The server address is Mark PPP Encryption (MPPE). Now show advance options.
Forwarding routers must be (or else you can’t connect to the internet while The VPN is connected.

After that, save the VPN you created. Now login your User ID and Password from the Device configuration and put it on your VPN that you created. If you see a key at the upper left on your phone screen, it means you are connected to Hamachi.

STEP 5: PPSSPP settingsIn hosting, go to Networking. Check Enable networking/WLAN and Enable built-in PRO ad hoc server. Put your own IP address from Hamachi to the PPSSPP. Give your IP address to your friends to connect. In joining, go to Networking.

Check Enable networking/WLAN. Get your Host’s IP address from Hamachi and put it in PPSSPP. The IP always starts at Uncheck Fast memory to avoid crashing of the emulator.Make sure you don’t press the PPSSPP menu button, throttle button (fast forward) while in game.

After following all the steps and configurations, you are now ready to play with your friends online!

  • You don’t have to download anything. All you need is a WIFI connection and of course the latest PPSSPP emulator and a game.
  • It doesn’t matter if your phone is rooted or not.
  • You can’t use Data Connection. It will not connect to VPN.
  • Make sure you are connected to the VPN you created. You will notice it there is a key at the upper right on your phone screen.
  • There are some cases that it will stuck at black screen and can’t press anything after you pick a game.-Make sure the IP you put is correct.-Wait for the Host to open the game first and create a room before opening yours.
  • There are some conditions that causes the player disconnects while playing with your team. -One of you (it’s either the Host or the Members) having a connection problem. -The Lag while in-game. Even a few seconds delay can kick you out from multiplayer.
  • When you are stuck at “Connecting: Auto” in multiplayer, just restart the game and try again.*Make sure you and your friend are connected in the same network.
  • For those who are hosting in PC, check if your friend using android is online in your network. Make sure your network is online too.