How to counter Magic Resistance Items?


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May 1, 2019
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How to counter Magic Resistance Items? Use Divine Glaive!

Divine Glaive $1970
+65 Magic Power
Unique: +40% Magic PEN
Unique Passive- Spellbreaker:

When HP is more than 70%, the unique bonus effect is increased by 30%.

How big is the impact of having this Magic PEN?

When a tank has 100 magic resistance, the damage is halved. For example, your base damage written in the description should be 600. Your actual damage will only be 300 because of the Magic Resistance.

So if you have 40% Magic Penetration, your damage will be increased by 40%.
Ex. 300×1.4 = 420

So your damage was increased with 120 points which is already a great help to decrease at least a percent of a hero with 10000 HP.

The damage is increased if your HP is more than 70%.

Your Magic PEN will also be 70%!
Ex. 300×1.7 = 510

Actual Example:

Harith's First skill
Burst Damage is 810 + (210% of Magic Power)

With Divine Glaive:
810 + 136.5 = 946.5

Applying Magic Res 100:
946.5 divide 2 = 473.25
Applying Magic PEN 40%
473.25 × 1.4 = 662.55
Applying Magic PEN 70%
473.25 × 1.7 = 804.525

Compared With Holy Crystal

1020 Base Damage
510 Damage against 100 Magic Res

Analysis: Since 662.55 > 510, Divine Glaive is a better item against 100 Magic Res.

Another note: The computation is not the actual damage calculation. It is just for showing the significance of Magic Pen and not the actual number na pinagkaiba ng damage ng may magic pen at wala

Pinakita ko lang po kung gaano kahalaga ang Magic Penetration Item. Pwede namang you have both Divine Glaive and Holy Crystal sa iisang set build eh. And it was also shown na kahit hindi gumana 'yong passive ng Divine Glaive eh mas effective pa rin ito kaysa sa Magic Power Alone. Kahit low health mage mo, magagamit mo pa rin naman ang 40% Magic PEN.

Another info: Every hero ay may base Magic Res na around 10 kaya helpful iyan kahit walang magic resistance item ang kalaban. Mas tataas lang ang effectiveness nito kapag mataas ang Magic Resistance ng kalaban.