How to create a NetEase email account


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May 11, 2015
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This is a help guide on how to create a NetEase email account

NOTE: If you want to play the PC version of the game, you need to have a NetEase email account to login. However, if you want to play the mobile version of the game, then you can login with either your Facebook, Gmail or NetEase email account.

You’ve downloaded the game on your PC, and you find you can only login to the game client with a NetEase email account...which you probably don’t have.
So how do you create an account?

There are two links which you can use to create a NetEase email account - both of which I’ve listed below, along with screenshots to differentiate the two page links). Both links follow the same format, i.e. Account name, Password, Confirm Password, Phone number, Verification code, SMS Verification code and then Register/Create Account.
Links to the NetEase sign up page

However, the verification code section in both the links are a bit different. In the first link, the verification code is given with a mix of English letters and numbers, however, in the second link, the verification code is given in three Chinese characters, which you need to select from the image.

At first glance, it might look a bit tricky, but once you know what to do, it’s actually pretty easy!

I will show you what to do for the second link, when you get a verification code in Chinese.
Once you have completed the necessary details and you get to the verification code section, if you’ve used Google Translate to translate the page to your own language, you need to change the page back to Chinese. This can be done by clicking the Google Translate icon, and selecting “Show original”.

Now hover over the Chinese text, and a image will pop up with Chinese characters on it. The greyed Chinese text is basically telling you to select THREE Chinese characters from the image. And if you notice, they have actually given you the three Chinese characters which you need to select from the image, written in apostrophes “ ”.

So for this example, you would need to select “蝶” “徐” “备” from the image.

Once you’ve selected the correct Chinese characters, it will then come up with a green tick next to the verification code, with a message in Chinese which basically means, “The verification is successful”.

After that, in the next section, you enter your phone number. To enter an international phone number, click on the blue Chinese text underneath the textbox (which basically translates to, “Switch to international phone”), select your country code and enter your phone number.

Click “获取验证码” (which means “Get verification code”) and you should get a SMS text message with the verification code.

After you’ve entered the verification code and the code is accepted, click “注册” (which means “Register”) and your email account will be registered.

And that’s basically it! You can now use your NetEase account to login to the game client on your PC.

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Sep 11, 2018
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Naalala ko nung unang labas ng KnivesOut which is same gameplay at developer ng ROS, pahirapan talaga mag gawa ng NetEase email....