How to Delete ML Account or Start New one


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May 1, 2019
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This is a simple guide for players who want to reset or ultimately remove their Mobile Legends account, this basically another method to unbind existing account.

Here is the way to remove your account from FB and use it to new mobile legends account

Unbind and Reset via Mobile Legends App
  • If you have already bound your account to Facebook, go to account and click on "Bind Account" (again) then it will show the option "Facebook Unbind".
  • If you use this option to unlink your account from FB and subsequently delete all Mobile Legends data (via the Settings on Android devices), then you can essentially create a brand new account.
  • That is, when you restart Mobile Legends it will prompt you to create an account and take you to the Layla training.
  • This may also work with Google Play and VK, but I've only ever tried with the Facebook option.
Note once you delete the existing account all progress will be removed basically your levels, emblems, BPs, tickets, bag items, skins and rank will all be gone.

How to Retrieve Lost Account in ML and Prevent it from being Lost

Facebook Unbinding Method
  • Go to your Facebook then go to your Menu Option
  • go to “Account” settings then through the “Applications” setting
  • Go to "Logged in with Facebook" and search for “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”
  • Find the “Remove App” button and then select it
  • then confirm
Deleting App Data
  • Go to the phone settings
  • locate the application or applications manager
  • search the mobile legends game
  • then click clear cache and clear data
For other tuturials i saw this if you need to recover an account