How to Download and Play RoE - Ring of Elysium PC 


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May 11, 2015
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Here is a short guide on how to download and play Rings of Elysium in PC

How to download the game?
  • Go to your Garena Client (Garena v2) then go to settings.
  • Change your server to Thailand or Indonesia (I prefer Indonesia).
  • Click the Banner of ROE. then choose your download path.
  • Wait for it to Download. (After downloading)

It says “Comming soon” ?
ROE Thailand and Indonesia Server are in CBT Phase. What is CBT phase? CBT means Close Beta (Need Beta Key) in order to play this game you need to register

CBT Registration Site: Indonesia :

How to register?
  • Go to GARENA client click ROE and click the CBT REGISTRATION (Located at LEFT SIDE of your Garena)

  • You will be redirected to the site (Image below). Fill up this form. NAME: EMAIL: PHONE number: (It’s okay when you use your PH number.)

  • or Simply “CLICK” this LINK:
What is CBT Key ?
CBT KEY will be given RANDOMLY. If you are Lucky, you will RECEIVE an EMAIL from Garena that you are qualified to join the CBT PERIOD.


Update: If this method doesnt work check the other method here How to Play RoE


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Nov 13, 2018
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How to download and play ROE (Steam)
  1. Download any VPN softwares (Windscribe, Tunnelbear, etc).
  2. Open and connect VPN software to Japan/America.
  3. Open Steam and Search "Ring of Elysium" or use this link:
  4. Start downloading up to 1% then pause.
  5. Disconnect and close your VPN software.
  6. Resume download until completion.
  7. Open and connect VPN software again.
  8. Start ROE and complete character creation
  9. Begin a solo game and disconnect your VPN.
  • Make sure to disconnect your VPN when you can already loot in the match.
  • If done correctly, you'll be able to open ROE without VPN.
  • Every ROE update, you may need to use VPN again to start the game and just close it again after joining 1 game.