How To Earn Mobile Legends Battle Points More Quickly

Don't have enough Battle Points to buy heroes and emblems? Here are some tips for you to earn more MLBB Battle Points in different ways!


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has been at the top of the mobile gaming market for quite a while now. To date, it is one of the most popular MOBA games and has a huge number of players as well. Similar to other MOBAs, MLBB also has an obtainable in-game currency called Battle Points (BP) which can be used to purchase Heroes. BP can also be used to purchase fragments and upgrade emblem sets which is crucial in getting stronger during matches.

Use of Battle Points​

Battle Points can be used to purchased Heroes, Commanders for Magic Chess, and different Emblem sets via the game's Shop.

Heroes can cost from 6500 BP up to 32000 BP. Commanders for Magic Chess can cost from 15000 BP to 24000 BP.


There are also different Emblem sets with various cost:
  • Emblem Matrix: Unlock 1x - 600 BP
  • Emblem Matrix: Unlock 5x - 2700 BP
  • Limited Emblem Chest - 400 BP
  • Lucky Common Emblem Chest - 800 BP
  • Common Emblem Chest - 1600 BP

Battle Points are an essential part of the game, but no matter how interesting the use of it is, earning them has been proven to be quite difficult. However, there are a number of ways on how you can farm BP. It's as simple as completing tasks, meeting specified standards, or just by simply playing. The following are some ways on how to earn Battle Points more easily.

Activate a Double BP card and Victory BP card

Activate your Double BP Card to double the amount of battle points earned after playing every match. The validity of the Double BP card may vary from one day, three days, or seven days. There is also a 4 Win and Victory BP card available. The Double BP card not only doubles the number of battle points you may earn, but it also raises the weekly Battle Point cap by 1500. Normally, 7500 BP may be earned in a week, however by activating Double BP, this limit can be increased to 9000 BP in a week.

To immediately obtain a Double BP Card, share your match result on social media such as Facebook or WhatsApp. You can aslo get Double BP Card from events, like item exchange events, or become a starlight member where you will get 3-days Double BP Card every week.


Play more Brawl and AI games​

Brawl is for you if you want shorter, straight-up games. It not only aids in the restoration of your lost credit scores as a result of AFK conduct and violation reports, but it also provides an immediate supply of Battle Points. You can also choose to play AI matches. Because the battles last 10 - 12 minutes on average, the other players are also there to win combat points. The faster the games go, the more time you have to play additional games.


Play matches and be the MVP

A very simple way to earn Battle Points is to play, play and play matches, no matter what the mode is. The more matches you play, the more BP you earn. Winning matches allows you to gain additional Battle points every match. The ideal method, though, is to be the match's MVP. Taking the MVP plum will allow you to gain more Battle points than the other players.


Open Free Chests and Medal Chests in time

It is, as the name indicates, completely free. Every 4 hours, open a free chest (maximum 2 stacks) to receive goodies such as 40-50 Battle Points, random emblem pieces, Premium Skin Fragment, and more. After a few matches, if you have a cumulative 10-point rating, you will be awarded a Medal Chest. Every day, a Medal Chest is given out. A Medal Chest may be claimed for 200-250 Battle Points and a few additional goods.


Complete Daily Quest and Weekly Activities

Once the requisite activity points have been completed, you can earn up to 230 BP by completing Daily Quests. Upon completing the daily quests, the daily activity scores are calculated and cumulated to weekly activity scores. If your weekly activity score reaches 800, you will receive 500 Battle points. After a week, you can earn a total of up to 2410 BP.


Lucky Spin

Push your luck by selecting Lucky Spin from the Shop menu. To play the roulette, press the huge center button for a chance to win 300 BP as well as various random prizes such as Featured Hero/Skin, Skin Trial Pack, Lucky Gem Fragment, and more. It also provides you with a free spin that refreshes every few days. The cost of a regular spin is 20 Tickets.


Claim Daily Login Rewards

Earning additional battle points is also as simple as claiming daily login rewards. If you play the game every day, you will receive various free gifts each. On Day 5, you'll be rewarded with 300 Battle Points.


Maintain a Good Credit Score

You can earn an extra 10% Battle Points after each match if you play actively and well. That means no AFKs or feeding behavior, and have a credit score of 110. The amount of BP that may be earned every week will be raised from 7500 to 8500. Go to Profile > Battlefield > Credit Score to check your credit score.


Complete Achievements

You'll earn juicy Battle and Achievement Points by unlocking many Achievements and completing specified conditions. Some achievements are convenient and easy to do, so make sure you complete them all.


Clear out your Trial Cards

Did you know that you can convert their existing trial cards to 30 Battle Points once you own the hero/skin? Just look for the icon with gold coins at the top right corner.


Sell stuff from your Inventory

Many unneeded and useless goods, such as event-exclusive prizes, trial cards, and chests, accumulate in the inventory. Opening and clearing these items for Battle Points is also a good strategy to get extra Battle Points. Make sure to check your inventory on a frequent basis to earn an average of 30 BP every time.


Squad Rewards

Joining a Squad is another way to gain Battle Points. A Squad can have a maximum of 9 members. You can receive additional prizes based on the group's activities, like valuable BP, in addition to helping you rank up.


Check you Mail

Make it a practice to check your mailbox since you never know what surprises await you. As a consequence of event item clearing, update prizes, and other compensation, the system may provide more BP for you.