How to earn PG Coins and what to do with them


Mar 4, 2015
In this tutorial, we will teach Twitch Viewers how to earn PG Coins and learn ways to spend or redeem them.
Do note however that PG Coins are exclusive to our Twitch channel and that they cannot be enabled on mobile devices however if you enable them once you will stream earn them even on mobile.

How to start earning PG Coins
  1. Go to our Twitch Stream
  2. Locate the stream tools at the lower right corner
  3. Select the puzzle icon

  4. Then grant permission for the plugin

  5. That's it plugin is enabled, just in case it doesn't work try refreshing the browser

Now that you enable coins what can you do with them?
  1. Once the plugin is enabled you can select the option on the lower right corner of the stream

  2. Now you can redeem, gamble, join giveaways, participate on polls and request music
How do I earn more coins?
  1. The simplest way is to watch the stream you earn 1 PG Coin per minute
  2. A chest box will also randomly appear on the stream it contains 100 PG Coins
  3. You can also play games such as "Pick a Card" and "Scratchers" to gamble current coins

Finally, what do I do with the PG Coins?
  1. You can exchange them for redeemable items on our stream plugin at the bottom of Scratchers
  2. Here are the following things enable to redeem
    • 100 pesos Globe prepaid load for 10,000 PG Coins
    • Video Game that can be redeemed for 10,000 PG Coins (first come first serve basis)
    • Truth or Dare! for 1,000 PG Coins (Note dare's must abide twitch guidelines)
    • Fan Signs for 100 PG Coins
    • Ask a question on current Interview guest for 50 PG Coins
    • Raffle Entry (Pending fo update)

  3. We will add more in the future so stay tuned!

Thats it dont forget to watch our stream!

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