How to full-automatically beat Nether Gate on Onmyoji


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May 11, 2015
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How to full-automatically beat Nether Gate. You guys have Tamamo right?If not see pic 2.
It's just easy to pass it actually if your DPS is powerful enough.

You need a Azure Basan in your team. If you want you can have a Cat too.

You can change Maki & Karashi and Yamausagi (one of them) to Kamaitachi. Just don't use two same shiki cuz the second one may not use its skill. The first move bar provider should be faster than 200 SPD And the second should be only 40± SPD behind.

Kaguya should be faster than Seimei to make sure your DPS has enough orbs.You can change her to Zashiki or Oitsuki but you need to put them in right order.

KEY: Seimei should only take Amulet: Death with him cuz if you use Star it will clear out Yamausagi and Kamaitachi's buff.

Your Tamamo should have maxed skill cuz we are going to need that extra hit when we reached about Round 35.
Usually after Tamamo's hit if there's something left, Yoto will do the rest clean-up.

At Pic 2, you need to use Kamikui to guide Iba to find his target like Soul 10. The rest are the same as the method 1.

You can use Susabi to replace Yoto but his skill should be maxed and there's chance at the next round you won't have enough orbs to pull the move bar.

Have a nice hunt!