How to Gain More Poring Coins [Lab Guide]


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Nov 4, 2018
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Hey guys, shaylyn here. I wrote Adventure Book Guide days ago and many of you are interested in how to get more poring coins. So I gonna make a brief guide about it. As far as I know, the fastest way to earn poring coins is from labs...Emmm, I’m not sure how many times you can do lab every day...
Just like crack and endless tower, Tank + DPS + Heal for lab.

Step 1: You need a party and talk to the NPC in Prontera, and he will teleporate you to the training field.

Step2: After all your teammates inside the lab, just move to the next teleport and you will find several mobs waiting for u.

Just need to cast endless sanctuary on the knight... emmm.. it's prettey easy... if you don't have priest or knight, you can try to lure the mobs one by one.

Step 3: After clearing 3-5 waves of mobs (sorry I cannot remember how many waves), you will get poring coins.