How to get better at Apex Legends PC PS4 XBox One 


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Jun 10, 2022
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Apex Legends is a hyper-competitive battle Battle Royale and when you hit a skill wall it can feel impossible to overcome. If you want to get better, we’ve compiled some quick tips that will make a difference no matter what rank you’re trying to climb into or out from.
There isn’t one simple rule to follow when it comes to improving at Apex. Instead, there are a lot of small things that you can work on in manageable bunches to improve your KD, win-rate, and situational awareness.
Whether you’re just trying to make it out of Bronze for the first time or you’re a seasoned vet looking to break through Diamond and into the upper echelon of the competition, these tips will help you all the same.
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How to get better at Apex Legends: Tips & tricks
---Master one Legend, don’t be a jack-of-all-trades

Whether you’re taking to the skies as Valkyrie or carefully tracking your prey as Bloodhound, it’s important to choose a main and get as many reps in as possible with them.
Having a deep pool of characters can benefit your understanding of the game at the highest levels, but until you’re comfortable with one character in every possible situation, then it’s best to invest your time more carefully.
Of course, things happen in Legend select that we can’t avoid, so it’s okay to have a backup, but concentrated and repeatable practice will always produce better results in the long run.

---Improve your positioning
When it’s time for The Ring to close and players begin to make their way inward, a huge skill gap can be nearly completely negated by a team with superior positioning.
By making choices like never taking fights until your backside is completely cleared of enemies or knowing when to take high ground in a given area, teams that aren’t as mechanically talented can still take over and win games.
Before blindly rotating into an area, open your map and look for places that keep you secure from potential third-parties at the very least. Just making this change can result in a major jump in the quality of someone’s gameplay.

---Use the Firing Range
This might be the most common of all Apex Legends tips, but the firing range is absolutely your friend.
In this wide-open playground you can try out new movement techniques, perfect your aim with a new weapon, or just get comfortable with the abilities of a Legend.
This makes it an invaluable tool to piece together everything you’ve learned from following the other steps on our list.