How to get better loot drops in Genshin Impact

We get it, we love loot. As gamers, we always love getting the best drops so we can progress in the game further and enjoy it at its best. However, in Genshin's Impact, loots are favored by those who work their butts off and do their best. How to get better drops? We'll tell it below.

Genshin Impact better loot a.png

The key to getting a better drop is just grinding your Adventure Level. It honestly is not a joke, because Adventure Level contributes to a lot of factors that will help you get a lot of better things. This is because Adventure Level brings about harder enemies because your World Rank increases.

As your World Rank increases, so does drops. A higher World Rank would net a better drop rate. Here's an example of a drop from the Trounce Domain of Stormterror.

Genshin Impact better loot b.png

I got my first Gold drop in the Artifacts, it is rare to drop in AR30 but I still got one which, case in point, maybe rare but it still points to the fact that it is possible to get better drops as long as you progress your Adventure Rank.

Gold Artifacts are the best artifacts to get as it can have high points, the only problem you will face is bad sub-stats or sub-stats that are not fit for your main DPS as you want to prioritize the main DPS with your artifact priorities.

Genshin Impact better loot c.png

Finally, the better your Adventure Rank, the better you have access in regards to your access in the Domains and Trounce Domains, it's just gonna ramp up progress as you level up, but the challenges will definitely be harder so definitely will not be a cakewalk.

With all that said, better grind your gears and rush your Adventure Rank, it may get slow AR30 onwards but the rewards are worth the possible wall you might see. For more news, join the Genshin Impact discussion!