How to Get Free COD Points in Call of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty Mobile official Twitter account recently announced a challenge for its players to improve and get a chance to receive free CP upon completing the tasks.


A total of three challenges that must be completed. After completing the challenge, players must take a screenshot or video clipping as proof of completion and present it to the official post via reply with a caption of "done.”.

Here are the challenges that must be completed:
  1. Get 10 kills using the KSP 45 submachine gun without dying.
  2. Use the Man-O-War assault rifle in multiplayer or ranked mode matches without any weapon attachments. Win or lose, the game will be counted.
  3. Lastly, get a kill using the Locus sniper rifle without using a scope in a multiplayer match.
After completing the three challenges and presenting your proof in the official announcement, wait for the "surprise,” which is the reward of 560 COD points. However, the reward seems to be given randomly, and not everyone who finishes the task will receive the free CP.

The developers also opened a test server for the upcoming season where players can take a look at what to expect and get a chance to get free rewards, so you might check it out as well if you’re after the free stuff.