How to Get Free PUBG Mobile Character Vouchers

If you want to expand your PUBG Mobile roster and unlock characters such as Victory, Sara, Carlo, and Andy, then you're in the right place. Keep reading and I’ll give you some steps or pointers to get such characters.


The first in line would be Victor, because he’s the easiest one to acquire as getting him doesn’t require cash to be spent. You’ll just need to follow a couple of steps then you can finally add him in your character inventory.
  1. Tap on the ‘Workshop’ option.
  2. Select Victor’s character.
  3. Tap “get for free”
  4. Success! Victor has now been added to your character inventory.
Victor is the only one you could get for free, the rest would require you to spend some Unknown Cash (UC) or collect character vouchers. Here are the prices of Andy, Carlo, and Sara.
  • Andy – 1,200 UC or 1,200 Character Vouchers
  • Carlo – 1,200 UC or 1,200 Character Vouchers
  • Sara – 600 UC or 600 Character Vouchers
Fret not, if you're running low in cash, you can get one of the characters by blending UC and vouchers. For example, if you want Sara but only have 300 UC, you can use your voucher to make up for the insufficient cash. So if you have 300 in cash then you just need to add 300 vouchers to get Sara.

As for free character vouchers, they aren’t difficult to acquire, however you need to put in a lot of effort if you want to get as many as you want. Here are the two things you need to do:
  • Complete Events – Events will drop special crates that quite often contain character vouchers.
  • Be active! – Try and log into the game at least once a day, as then you won’t miss out on any new Event crates!
That’s it for the character vouchers and how to acquire them. See you in the Battleground!