How to get Primogems for Free in Genshin Impact

Primogems are one of the valuable currencies or “money” in Genshin Impact. It may not be accessible to get like Mora but thankfully, it can be farmed in various ways.


Primogems are used to buy wishes, obtain new characters and weapons, and refill resin. It will be a real hassle for players if they run out or if they only have a little bit of this sought after currency while in-game. Because of that, here’s a list of things that players can do to get free Primogems.
  • Daily Commissions - Players can complete 4 commissions for 10 primogems each and if you complete these 4 commissions, the Adventurer’s Guild will give 20 more. So for each day, players can get 60 Primogems once they are done with the commissions.

  • Achievements - Achievements are ranged between 5 -20 primogems once. Incomplete achievements can be found in the tab under Paimon’s menu though some are hidden so players may have to play a certain achievement in a strange way to unlock it.

  • Events - Players can rake in at least a hundred primogems if a limited-time event is completed. Other than that, players can also get other valuable rewards such as talent books, Crowns of Insight, and event-exclusive items.

  • Character Test Runs - If an event banner is released, players can obtain 20 primogems for trying out the 5-star featured character in a short challenge.

  • Story Quests - Primogems are awarded once a story quest is completed. They are also necessary to complete since players will not unlock future quests if the current one is not finished.
  • Spiral Abyss - From Level 1 up to Level 8, these levels only give rewards once, including 1,200 primogems, however for levels 9 and above, players can replay it for rewards whenever the Spiral of Abyss updates. Players can also get up to 600 primogems for every period of Spiral of Abyss if the final four floors are cleared.

  • HoYoLAB daily check-in - Players can just check-in on the page everyday and the reward will be automatically sent to their in-game email. Players can get up to 60 primogems if they continuously check-in throughout the month.

  • Genshin Impact Redeem Codes - Redeem codes often have Primogems so players should always look out for new redeem codes. If you don’t how to redeem codes in the game then here’s how:
  1. Open Genshin Impact of PC or mobile
  2. Click on Paimon’s menu
  3. Navigate to Settings > Account > Redeem Code
  4. Enter the code and click “Exchange”

  • Complete 7-Day Login Bonus - for simply logging in for 7-days, players can get up to 250 primogems. Don’t worry, even if you skip a day, as long as you logged in for 7 days, you’ll still get the reward. But this will only be unlocked once the player’s Adventure Rank is 5.
  • Clear the tutorial - Through clearing the tutorial players can get a small amount out of this. It may be a small amount but once accumulated it will be big. You can get it through defeating new enemies or discovering new abilities.
  • Complete Adventure Investigations - For players to complete an Adventure Investigation, they first need to reach a certain rank for them to be able to unlock the Adventurer Handbook. Once done, they need to complete all of the objectives to get Primogems.
  • Open Treasure Chest and Unlock Warp Points - Opening a treasure chest will give players primogems for the effort. The number of primogems given will depend on the rarity of the treasure chest. Unlocking warp points will also give primogems.
  • Clear Main and Side Missions - Clearing both main and side missions available at a players current adventure rank will reward the player primogems. So make sure to complete most of the missions as much as the players can.
  • Discover and Clear Unexplored Domains - Domains that are unlocked for the first time will give Primogems as a reward for clearing them. However, this can only be done if players reach a certain adventure rank.
I hope the above sources can help Genshin Impact players to farm Primogems for free. So have fun farming, Travelers!