How to Get Rich in Rise of Nowlin

Feeling down with all of the rich kids playing Rise of Nowlin? No worries! We will let you know the secret of how to make money (Diamonds and Gold). So, you can join the BIG BOYS!!


The same as any other free-to-play MMORPGs out there, Rise of Nowlin also provides a way for some players to farm the in-game currencies to compete with players who are probably born rich already.

First of all, there are three types of currencies available to farm in Rise of Nowlin. They are Gold, Pink Diamonds, and the most wanted Blue Diamonds.

At the earlier stage, you can rely on Pink Diamonds which you can get from either activity rewards or an event bonus. They are available from both online (in-game) or offline (social media & giveaway codes). So, you must make a list of events that give PDO as the rewards, BE ACTIVE GUYS!

You can always get everything that you want through Lucky Wheel, but it requires a lot of Blue Diamonds!

Later on, Gold becomes more precious along the way as your character grows level since almost all the features to increase power are relying on a much greater amount of this currency. For example:
  • Divinity; at a higher level, this feature will drain your Gold!
  • Training; to reach higher training means more gold to spend
  • Enhance; for an item level 74+, you need at least 120 gold to raise a level
  • Refine; this is worst since you will lose the gold when the refine fails...
Not to mention other features like Polish that will also need some gold to maximize the power of your character. Just be ONLINE EVERY DAY and check-in for all the activities with such rewards!

This is a pure gems mining dungeons where you can collect and merge the one gem that you can't use it. Do Takarma twice every day and sell gems above LV3.

Pick whatever items that you can sell or farm easily. Other than Gems, you can get easy money from selling the equipment scrolls, especially for high-level gears.

In order to have some items to sell, you must use all of your daily quotas to do all of the dungeons and find materials such as Gems or Equipment Scrolls!

Be smart and find the best moment to sell your stuff since the more people online you will have a bigger chance to sell them. Try to sell things that no one is selling at the auction, and pray..

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