How to get skins and exclusive items in the Mobile Legends X Ducati Collaboration

The collaboration of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game with the famous motorbike manufacturer, Ducati, has a dedicated event in-game that will last at least until October 27, 2023. There are two main events: the draw event and the Grand Prix event. The draw event will cost diamonds or tokens. Players can get some tokens by doing certain tasks within the duration of the Ducati event.


To get the exclusive collab skins, players need to participate in the MLBB X Ducati draw event. It will be in the bingo format where players need to light up bingo pieces. Lighting up 3 bingo pieces in a line will guarantee a player to get an unowned Epic skin or better that includes the Irithel Monster SP Rider and Benedetta Panigale V4S Rider skins. This draw event will last until November 6, 2023. For every 10 draws, a random bingo piece will light up.


There are also exclusive items like the recall effect. There is a Ducati Recall Effect Lucky Bundle event in Shop. Other battle effects include a spawn effect, elimination effect, and a Ducati notification effect. These battle effects along with an animated avatar border can be obtained via the MLBB X Ducati Gift for the Courageous event. Players will collect Bravery Coins by doing tasks and use it to redeem the items mentioned earlier. There’s also a Grand Prix event until October 27, 2023 in which players can redeem a 3-day Elimination Effect and Panigale V4S Battle Emote. Meanwhile, the Monster SP Battle Emote can be obtained via the gallery.


There are also giftable items in this collab: Lucky Keychain and Racing Helmet. These can be obtained via the draw event or can be bought in Shop. For the custom actions, the respective custom actions of each skin via the Gift events of each skin that can be redeemed upon obtaining the skin itself. Lastly, the Ducati Graffiti and Ducati Skin Paint can be obtained via the draw event or Grand Prix event.

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