How to Get the Ghost Bloody Repear and the Ghost Golden Phantom Skins for Free in Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is having a global launch event called Operation Day Zero with tons of rewards for players to obtain, including the Ghost Bloody Reaper and Ghost Golden Phantom skins for free.

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The Ghost Bloody Reaper skin will be exclusive only to Warzone Mobile and cannot be used across different Call of Duty titles.

Players must participate in the Operation Day Zero event and earn Event Points by completing the given in-game missions, like eliminating enemy players, killing via headshot, and more. The event points will then be used to redeem the skin in the event store.


Additionally, players may also obtain the limited-reward Ghost Golden Phantom Skin during the Operation Day Zero event. Unlike the Bloody Reaper, the Golden Phantom can be acquired and used in Warzone Mobile, COD: Warzone, and Modern Warfare III.

The Golden Phantom skin is a community reward, which means players contribute to reach the required experience points (XP) to unlock it as well as the other rewards. It is done by playing Warzone Mobile after its launch.

Aside from these two highly anticipated Ghost Operator skins, players may also acquire other exclusive rewards in the process, such as Demon's Claw Combat Knife Weapon Blueprint, Hell Scrapper LTV Vehicle Skin, Nightmare Inferno Large Decal, Crimson Prince X12 Weapon Blueprint, Vengeful Devil King Large Decal, Raging Blaze M4 Weapon Blueprint, and more.

Note that the Day Zero Event of Warzone Mobile will be available for a limited time only, and when the event concludes, the rewards may not be obtainable anymore.