How to get to Conqueror Rank


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May 11, 2015
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How to get to Conqueror Rank by Darkbreaker
  1. Champion Pool
    • You should know how to play all roles.
    • The easiest way to conqueror is to know all the META Champions.
  2. Map Control
    • Look where your opponents are.
    • Invade your opponent's jungle camp
    • Try to get the objectives
    • They get behind while you get ahead
  3. Mindset
    • Stay calm, even when someone wants to tilt you, just ignore it. Stay calm and think about how you can win the game (your win conditions)
    • Capitalize on your opponent's mistake so you can make a comeback when your behind.
    • give feedback to your mates instead of flaming them
      e.g. (adc, you're too close, try to stay behind, we'll protect you, so we can easily win, consider your positioning.)
  4. Play with friends that are in sync with your play style.

  5. Item Build
    • You always have to adjust your item build to every possible situation that you face.
    • Don't get fixated.

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