How to Increase your BP without Top Up by Kise

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Jul 7, 2019
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Trick to powering up without TOP UP :

1. For up power you must do all the event and daily look like Takarma, Everlasting, Ant Ruins, Peak, Sky Trial, Light vs Dark, etc.

2. Save the soul stone of will, etc. For equipment scroll s lvl 60 because we need many soul stone to craft it.

3. For level 30, 40, 50 you can find some equipment from dungeons, and farm mini boss looking for scroll A equipment, you can find mini boss at all map.

4. If you want to collect soul stone in more cheaper way, you buy it at guild shop and arena shop. Don't forget to always save the soul stone for lvl 60 equipment later.

5. Always enhance your equipment,and refine you equipment to lvl 15 or 20, or full if you can, because you can also inherit it later to your new equipment. Try to save your gold too. Don’t forget to polish your equipment as well.

6. Always upgrade your skill, and divinity,all of it, and forging skill. Forging advance skill need training books, you can get it from Sky Trial, Goblin, and Ancient Elves.

7. Always pay attention if you want to merge your gem. See if the gem is unlock or not, and always merge the same gems. You can sell unlock gems at the market if you don't use the gems to get some blue diamonds.

8. Find a guild, and upgrade the totem and don't forget to summon totem at guild everyday so you can up your totem high lvl for a little power.

9. If you want to collect some gold always clear Escort quest and hunting boss. For example : Soul stealer, eight-eye, Saint, lake overlord, hand of loran. Find some party if u want to hunt the boss and make sure you can get the loot of the boss, you can get many items from World Boss, like pink diamond, gold equipment, etc.

10. Save your pink diamond and use it for the things that you really need.

11. Don't forget to feed your mount it can also increase your status as well, you can get free fodder from dungeons.

12. Do Fame quest to get free artifact weapon, it can also increase your power.

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Leveling Tips from Shot!

There are lots of ways to gained experienced in order to level up fast. It can be on events, activities, dungeons and boss as well as mobs. But always bear in mind when it comes to gaining experience, some of these dailies are not worth to do. Remember im giving away a tips on gaining experience so that you may get ahead of other competitors not to obtained rewards. Here are the tips for fast leveling:

1. Invest blue and pink diamonds for a special or additional mission/task in Bounty task, camp task and Nowlin adventure. Each of these activities would give 100.000 of experienced at least. For bounty, it gives a random level of task and that affects the experience you may obtained. So, hope for a SS task for a maximum experience. For Nowlin adventure, always buy adventure voucher for a maximum experience also.

2. Create a full team with higher level of intimacy for Goblins, Invasion and Grinding. Numbers of members and level of of intimacy in a team affects the experience you may gain. So, make a full team with higher intimacy players. For invasion, occupy both Karben and elf portal. More mobs means more experience (more loots also).

3. Neptune and Chaos, after you kill these two boss as what i have notice it gives 200.000++ of experienced. You don't just loot for artifact but also gained huge experience.

4. Escort, each successful escort will give 200.000 of experience for maximum level of cart. So, don't let thief and enemies destroy your cart. Experience is also gold.

5. Night celebration, always submit materials to its fullest. The maximum of experience i have received every ten seconds is 83.000 for level 76. Festival last for 20 minutes, so, you will gain almost 10.000.000. Experience that Lemir gives differ every level.

6. Try to win Light vs Dark and Guild/Camp war. For this event you will gain millions of experience. But if you lose you gain nothing.

7. Don't waste time if you don't have nothing to do just grind until you get max.

8. When grinding use triple exp card only during reaping as this will triple your experience gain from mobs. The best spot to grind with 5 man party is at level 90 mobs with abyss demon (mini boss). Level 90 mobs gives 1200 exp while the mini boss 5300 with triple experience card. So, Grind with triple exp card.

9. Don't also forget the Daily quiz. You can gain experience for about 700.000 - 900.000 when at perfect score. So, let your brain do the work .
I would not recommend dungeons and those that have not mention because it gives a very low experience and a waste of time when trying to level up fast i would rather grind than doing those events/dailies. Moreover, these tips are good only for those who wants to get the Top 1 for leveling.

That’s the tips from one of our user, Shot. If you still have any tips or recommendations for our comrades in the battlefield please submit to us via Discord!