How to Increase your lifesteal and spell vamp effect? Build Oracle!

Guild of Guardians


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May 1, 2019
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Oracle $2110

+850 HP
+36 Magic Resistance
+10% CDR

Unique Passive: Bless
Raises Shield Absorption and HP Regeneration Effects by 25%

There are 4 Magic Resistance Items and Oracle gives the LEAST.

But the big thing here is the 10% CDR which is helpful for Tanks that needs to use their ults most of the time.

The unique passive also has synergy with items like:

Athena's Shield - increases shield effect
Sky Guardian Helmet - more HP Regen

And HP Regen also includes lifesteals and spell vamps.

Ex. You have 20% lifesteal. When you have Oracle, you will gain 25% HP Regen instead of 20%.

This item is actually a recounter to Deadly Blade and Necklace of Durance. Oracle might not fully remove the anti-lifesteal effect, yet, this lessens the effect of the anti-lifesteal items from 50% to only 25%.

Only recommended against two or more magic dealers enemy composition. Because if the enemy team has only one magic damage dealer, one magic resistance item is enough unless this is your only magic resistance item (which is the case if you don't want to build Rose Gold Meteor for your Physical Damage Dealer).