How to Join to Pinoy CSGO Servers

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    This is a guide on how to joing pinoy gamers cs go servers on the Filipino server list. First of lets talk about Pinoy Gamer CSGO Servers frequently asked questions:

    Are servers free?
    Yes, servers are free forever

    Who can access the servers?
    Everyone as long as you are not banned for cheating or being toxic

    Whats the tickrate?
    Servers are running 128 tick

    Are servers protected?
    Servers are hosted externally for DDoS mitigation

    What are the requirements?
    You must own a Counter Strike Global Offensive installed in your steam.

    How to Play Step 1?
    1. Go to[​IMG]
    2. Select join on the server preferred[​IMG]
    3. A pop up will launch promting for external requestClick Launch Application (steam must be installed)[​IMG]
    4. Wait for the game to load
    5. Enjoy!
    How to Play Step 2?
    1. Launch CSGO
    2. Open Console
    3. Type "connect"
    4. Wait for the game to load
    5. Enjoy!
    For more questions dont hesitate to post here

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