How to make your Mobile Phone Battery Last Longer

Mobile phone gamers fears not just that moment when their characters HP level starts to turn red in the most crucial point of their game. Believe it or not it is more horrifying when the battery of their mobile phone starts flashing red just before they can slay the Dungeon Boss or rack a critical kill during PVP. Nowadays gamers didn’t really recognize the value of taking good care of their phone’s battery until they experience the above mentioned nightmarish scene. So its high time for us to learn some basic hacks to ensure our battery will last long like a tough as nails Tank character.


Playing whatever games on your phone while charging is like giving your battery a slow painful death. It is a rule of the thumb for many tech savvy to stop using any gadgets while they are currently charging since it will ruin the life of their battery in the long run. Resist the urge use it for awhile and make sure to fill up its battery first. It was recommended that once it was charged up to its 80% you can already continue using it.


We all know how games become much better with those killer SFX and pumping background music. But if you are the type that doesn’t mind your character’s voice over, then you can turn down the volume of your game to zero save more energy for your battery.


Adjust the brightness of your phone and never put it on its maximum level since it consume more power from your battery. You can also try switching auto-brightness in your phone’s setting. Phones with AMOLED screen (majority are Samsung phones) can greatly benefit from using dark-colored background and wallpaper since this type of screen only lit up colored pixels. Using dark wallpapers consume less power and of course, it will make your phone looks cool if you are the type who loves anything that is black.


When it is possible, avoid turning on your Wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Data for 24/7. This features are sure to drain your battery like vampires so try to monitor their usage and switch them on only when they are needed. Whenever you are playing offline games, there is no need for you to connect to the internet so its better to switch off your data or Wi-Fi. Activating your phone’s airplane mode can also help in saving a lot of your battery although while this is active, you can’t receive any calls or text which renders your phone useless.


Vibration work wonders for those who doesn’t want to cause any disturbance from loud ringing tone but then again it has some massive consequence for having the vibration feature of your phone active also consume a lot of your battery. So if you want a long-lasting battery life, then switch that vibration off.


In a study done during 2016, it was found out that uninstalling you Facebook app can actually increase the life of your battery for 20%. That is one nice boost although many would think twice before uninstalling the most loved social media apps of the modern day man. However, there is an alternative to it: switch to its Lite version. Many apps today have their Lite version which consumes not just a small amount of memory and data but also consume less battery so it would be better if you use Lite versions of such apps that known to drain batteries such as FB and Messenger.


Most of the androids phone today has a built-in battery saving features that enables phone user to extend the life of their battery at the expense of limiting the CPU speed of their phone, Background data restrictions and disabling the usage of particular apps. Some phones allows its user to choose whether they will go for medium power saving or should they go for maximum power saving which really comes in handy.


Remember that its not alright to fill your phone with apps and games to brim. So before it tortures your battery, uninstall apps that are not important or not in use. You can also see in the settings of your phone what apps consume the most of your battery usage and if they are not essential for the function of your phone then switch them off especially those who always gives off notification and updates in the background.


Widget on your home screen consume also some of your battery. So if you think you don’t need to be always updated with weather, then you can just put your weather widget in the thrash bin for additional life for your battery.


Although it consume more of your phone’s memory, updates in your phone’s OS has some added features like making your battery efficient which really makes your phone all better in the long run.

If you other tips and tricks on how you can make your battery last longer, feel free to comment and share in this thread.