How to Play 3DS Games on Windows PC


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Apr 19, 2017
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How to Play 3DS Games on Windows PC

As your fellow gamer who can't afford all consoles but still love to experience and play 3DS and other handheld games, I say to you, you are on the right thread and I want to share how you can do it.
Of course, there's no arguing on the feeling of having a real one, but when money involves, I guess not everyone can have it. So here we go:

Step 1: Download Emulator
There are many 3DS emulator out there, but let's go the most proven and popular one:

Citra Emulator
Download Link:

After completing the download, extract the file on your preferred location.​

Step 2: Download and Install uTorrent
We're gonna make things easy from here, there are good people out there who shared a collection of 3DS games and we're gonna need to download it via torrent. You can google and download any games you want, but for now let's head for the ones that are sure working.

Download Link: uTorrent Free Version

Step 3: Open this magnet URL: Collection of 30 3DS Decrypted Games
Once uTorrent installed, open the link. uTorrent will open and you should be able to see a list of 3DS games to download with a total of 30GB. Don't panic, select only few you wish to play but make sure you include "" on your download.

Step 4: Fix Shared Font
Extract the "" on the same directory folder of Citra Emulator.
Folder name: User

Step 5: Open the Emulator and Load the 3DS game you downloaded.
Run citra-qt.exe and load the game.
I'm playing Rune Factory 4 here with a gamepad. Enjoy!

All credits and thanks goes to the developer of the emulator, games and the people who shared it on the internet.