How To Play as a Tank in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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May 27, 2020
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In MOBA games such as Mobile Legends Bang Bang, there are roles that players have to fill in before the match. The roles can be any of these: marksman, fighter, mage, assassin, support, and tank.

Each has its own advantage of picking, although, most teams usually have one of each while support and tank are interchangeable with each other. Having two fighters is another good composition. However, we still think that tanks are very essential to team compositions since they are incredibly tough.

A bad composition, on the other hand, may put your team at a disadvantage if, for example, you have too many marksmen on the team because they are easy pickings for assassins. Additionally, having too many tanks may be less ideal as well because they have lesser damage than fighters and assassins.

In this article, we will focus on how to utilize a Tank correctly. This guide will help you find out who are the best tanks in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, and what to do in the early, middle, and late stages of the game.

What Does A Tank Do?​

The first question that you have to know about this role is that it relies heavily on team composition.

A tank cannot usually carry a team, and tank mains usually have a very niche and specific task for them, which is mainly to protect and become a shield for their teammates.

Tanks can also be initiators since they have crowd control skills, which can put your team in an advantageous spot when clashing with enemies.

Best Tanks​

Here are the best tanks you can use in the current meta:


Tigreal is the best tank to use for beginners and even for veteran players. He is a reliable and durable tank.

Moreover, his skills are easy to use as well. For instance, his passive skill, Fearless, can negate basic attacks from heroes once it is fully stacked by being hit or by using his skills. Additionally, his second skill, Sacred Hammer, and ultimate skill, Implosion, can be used to initiate coordinated attacks or do crowd control when clashing with enemies.

Tigreal is a defensive tank, so supporting your teammates will be your best strategy when using him. Without proper team composition and synergy, he cannot do as much damage.


Khufra is a menace as a tank simply because his passive skill, Spell Curse, regenerates his health. So having him can be really advantageous especially if your enemies have lower levels and cannot kill him in 1v1.

Not only that, but he also has great crowd control skills. His first skill, Tyrant’s Revenge, can be used to gank enemies, while his second skill, Bouncing Ball, can stop quick enemies from escaping once they are hit. Finally, his Ultimate Skill, Tyrant’s Rage, pulls back all enemies around him towards the front, which is amazing for crowd control if your team wants to initiate a clash against your enemies.

Although he has been nerfed already, he is still a valuable and powerful tank when used correctly.


Johnson is quite different from his peers, but it is because he has high mobility compared to others. He can literally transform into a car, and travel around the map quickly.

For his passive skill, Electro Airbag, he will generate a shield once his HP is lower than 30%. The cooldown for the passive is quite long, but considering Johnson with the right build is very durable, you may not even notice the cooldown.

His first skill, Deadly Pincers, can stun enemies, while his second skill, Electromag Rays, can slow enemies down. Both of these skills will deal AoE damage on enemies within the skills’ range.

As for its ultimate, Rapid Touchdown, he will turn into a car, and he can move around the map astonishingly fast. He can also bring one ally, which will be great for ganking enemies.

Johnson is a mighty offensive tank and has high utility, especially in the mid and late part of the game when you are trying to intercept or gank enemies like the jungler.


Gatotkaca is a fighter/tank making him one of the most powerful tanks in the game in terms of dealing damage. You can even say he may be the best of both worlds (defence and offence)

His passive skill, Steel Bones, basically buffs and heals him, which makes him utterly annoying to fight if you are up against him.

As for his two other skills, Blast Iron Fist and Unbreakable, the former can slow down enemies while dealing AoE damage and magic damage. The latter is more on crowd control and can be used to chase enemies since using it will make him charge toward his enemies.

For his ultimate, Avatar of Guardian, it is another crowd control that is similar to Tigreal, but he will jump towards an area knocking enemies within the radius and pulling them near him. This makes him another great initiator of clashes, plus his attack is powerful enough to deal some good damage to his enemies.


Franco is a tank/support that is mostly utilized to counter enemies with his good crowd control skills. He is also considered one of the harder tanks to use due to his skills needing aim.

His passive skill, Wasteland Force, buffs his movement speed and regenerates a percentage of his health if he is not being attacked. It also stacks Wasteland Force up to ten stacks, which can be activated by using a skill and it can increase the skill damage up to 150%.

As mentioned earlier, his first skill, Iron Hook, needs a good aim. If you manage to snag a unit, it will be dragged back to Franco, and the unit will be stunned. This skill can be either frustrating or very fun to use.

Next is his second skill, Fury Shock, which can be used as a combo to his first skill if he snags an enemy as it will slow enemies down, preventing them from escaping.

Finally, his ultimate, Bloody Hunt, is another crowd control skill that is good for executing enemies since Franco will hack the enemies continuously once they are suppressed.

Franco is a great tank to use, but it may take some time to master him especially if you are new to Mobile Legends.

How to Utilize Tanks Early/Mid/Late Game​

In the early game, a tank is mostly known for supporting the team’s jungler to get the initial buffs. Afterwards, depending on your team composition, it is best to support one lane and keep checking the jungle and bushes (from your side) so the enemies’ jungler will not steal your creeps.

As for the mid-game, it is mostly building your tank to be more durable and have a higher chance of survival. Be reminded that a soft tank is very useless towards the late game. Anyway, keep ganking other lanes by supporting your team, specifically your mage if your team has one. This will prevent enemies from pushing towards your base.

It is also a good strategy to be a scout and hide in the bushes ready for an ambush anytime. Make sure your teammates know though since being alone as a tank cannot really deal heavy damage.

Finally, in the late game, if it is a stalemate, teams usually target the lord as it will tip the balance once they manage to get it. Keep holding off enemies if your teammates are attacking the lord.

Most tanks have crowd control skills which can be used to initiate a clash and kill one or two enemies if done right. By now, tanks are mostly the ones initiating the clash due to the fact that their skills are geared towards stunning and slowing multiple enemies at once.


Tanks are an essential part of the team, and they are not simply meat shields for enemies to attack. Their skills are helpful to win the game considering most of them have crowd control skills that can be used to initiate a clash or ambushes.

There are also multiple tanks not listed here, and some may be more up your alley so it is best to keep trying until you find the best tank suitable for your playstyle. If you’re in need of a boost in your gameplay, you can get some Mobile Legend top up from OffGamers here.

If you have any suggestions on how to use tanks or have any favourite tanks with some tips on how to use them, do let us know below!