How to play Heroes of the Storm's new map early!

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    The official launch of Heroes of the Storm's new Diablo-focused event, the Eternal Conflict, isn't set to begin until the end of the month, but you can try out the game's newest map beginning today.

    Battlefield of Eternity, HotS' newest map (or Battleground, in the game's parlance), has been released on the Public Test Realm. Much like in Blizzard's other games, this is a separate set of servers where you can try out new content prior to its official release. Getting in is easy, but it does require a separate download.

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    To access the PTR, click on the region/account drop-down menu above the big Play button in the launcher (pictured below). From there, select the "PTR: Heroes of the Storm" option at top, and then click install to download about 4 GB's worth of data. Once that's done, you'll be able to try out the new Diablo-themed map.

    The same rotation of free characters is available on the PTR, and you can take any of your unlocked heroes, mounts, and skins with you, but your various levels and gold won't carry over. Likewise, any progression made on the PTR won't transfer back to the official servers; this is merely a way for you to access new content early.


    Unfortunately, the Butcher, the next character set to be added to the game, is not available on the PTR. You'll have to wait until the Eternal conflict event begins on June 30 for him (and Battlefield of Eternity) to be released to the official servers.

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