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    In this guide will let you know how to play Pokemon Quest on PC using Android Emulator. Note that not all emulator will work for this app as the game will crash whenever you encounter Ratata, we are not sure if this is a bug or a feature that prevents users from using any kind of emulator.

    First off here are the emulators we tested:
    • Blue Stacks - Tested and Crashed
    • Nox Player - Tested and Crashed
    • Nox Player with latest Android - Tested and Crashed
    • Memu Player - Tested and Working, we got a footage here (last checked July 1 2018):

    • Momo Player - No Tested
    Since Memu player works will use that as the baseline so here's what you need to do:
    1. Download Memu player here:
      Website -
      Google Drive -
    2. Install the player
    3. Connect your google account
    4. Run google playstore, note this will crash because it will update the app
    5. Once it reinstalled run playstore again then locate Pokemon Quest
    6. Download and Install
    7. Run the game, you dont really need to remap any keys
    8. Enjoy
    Additional Settings:
    • If you want to run the game very smooth go to MeMu emulator setting then select the fps to 60
    • You can also change the CPU make it 4 cores to maximize it
    • Reduce the edge aliasing by changing the dpi and resolution to 1920x1080 upon testing tablet and phone are the same
    That's it enjoy the game! if you know other working emulators kindly comment below so I can update the thread
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    Medjo ang saya nito ah.
  3. KianLaxus

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    Any updates on this mga boss?

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