How to play Project Battle a Fortnite clone by NetEase Android 

Project Battle is a Fortnite clone developed by NetEase who previously released titles such as Knives Out and Rules of Survival which is very popular in the Philippines.

Project Battle is another battle royale game for mobile it is also dubbed as Fortcraft 2.0. The game features a building mechanic with same cartoon visual for building and characters.

Project Battle Gameplay

Games description: Project: Battle is set in the near future, within a quantum virtual world where players can use quantum cube energy to instantly build structures. It sees players fighting to be the last one standing, using futuristic weaponry, vehicles, building and tactical camouflage to help get the drop on their opponents.

Project Battle is currently in Alpha Testing and as of this writing server and testing are closed. The first alpha test ended last May 24th. However don't fret below are two ways for you to test the game once they open another testing phase.

Android Download Alpha Test (Currently Unavailable)
You can wait for an announcement for the next android alpha testing take note there is a specific time that you can play the game. Here is the direct link for the game once it becomes available

iOS Invitation
In iOS its much harder you will need to submit your email to get an invitation, you can go to the URL provided for more info. Below are some screenshots on how to test the game on iOS.

Step 1
  • Please sign up with your email address.
  • Before the Alpha Test starts, you'll receive an email from TestFlight inviting you to join the test.
  • Open the email on your iPhone or iPad and click the Start Testing button to begin
Step 2
  • Clicking Start Testing will launch your mobile web browser and you'll be taken to a page containing a link to download TestFlight from the App Store, as well as a unique redemption code that you'll need to enter into TestFlight.
  • You can long-press the redemption code to copy it for later, then click the link to get TestFlight from the App Store.
Step 3
  • When TestFlight finishes installing, open it and redeem your unique code.
  • TestFlight will then show the Project:Battle Alpha information page with a button to install the app, click Install.
Step 4
  • Open Project:Battle Alpha app and have fun!
After testing: When the test period is over, you will NO longer be able to open the Alpha build. To install the public version of the app, download the app from the App Store.

The game is currently holding Alpha Test for Android and iOS users, no release date is set yet. For more information, you can visit their official site.