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    This is the easiest way on how to play and download Ring of Elysium in the Philippines. You don't need any VPN or Fidler just use Garena client that's it.

    Note that the game is currently only in Beta and won't be in English though it's pretty much straightforward. Below is the guide on how to download and play the game using Garena client.

    Step 1: Download Garena client and make sure you have an account
    Step 2: Open the client, you will notice the game is not selectable in the lobby


    Step 3: Click the settings menu and select general


    Step 4: On the region, dropdown change it to Thailand


    Step 5: The game will now appear on the Garena Dashboard


    Step 6: Click RoE game
    Step 7: Download the game or update it if you already downloaded it


    Step 8: Congratulations you can now play the game


    On the next tutorial, ill include how to change graphics settings to low, mid, and high as well as mute everyone.

    More Information
    • How to Download here
    • Minimum Specs and System requirements here
    • CBT Patch Notes here
    First Impressions

    For more info be sure to join our FB Group for RoE PH:

    Update: If this method doesn't work you may want to try to changer other regions with ROE in Garena, refer to step 4.

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