How to Protect your Garena Account


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Nov 4, 2018
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Would you face-check a bush or chase an enemy champion into an unwarded jungle?

Hmm.. The answer to these questions is, of course, NO. Sometimes, we answer yes to all of those, often to disastrous results. After all, most of us are human! Your account security is exactly like that. Very often we are presented with tempting choices that seem good at the time, but end up having terrible consequences. The article below should make you more aware of potential threats to account security.


- Choose a secure password
- Keep your system updated
- Be careful with shared systems


- Do not share your account information
- Do not respond to scamming or phishing attempts



"Of all your possessions, I am the hardest to guard.
If you have me, you will want to share me.
If you share me, you no longer have me. What am I?"
- Doran

You should think carefully about choosing your password. Your password should not be easy to guess, even to someone who knows you well. Below are some handy tips that should help you with choosing a secure password:
- Your password should not contain words from any dictionary; this includes words spelled backwards. Dictionaries are often used to generate a list of possible passwords from common words and terms.
- Use a combination of letters, numbers, special characters, spaces and capitalization but keep in mind that their distribution is also very important. For example, "password123" is not very secure, but "bLu3!p8P3py" is extremely difficult to guess.
- The longer the password, the less the chances that someone may be able to guess it. We recommend that you create a password that uses as many characters as possible.
- We recommend that you do not use your account name or summoner name in your password, as if it is followed by numbers, special characters or other words it will make it easier to guess. Finally try to use a unique password that is different from any of your other passwords (email account, social media websites, online bank account, other online gameaccounts, etc).


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Antivirus software helps you fight against viruses and other malicious third party programs (i.e. key-loggers and Trojans).
- Keeping your OS current ensures that critical security updates are installed to combat against nasty online critters.


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- Use of public computers, such as those at internet cafe's, significantly increases the risk of your personal information becoming compromised. Your password can be compromised by simply logging in from one of these shared systems in the event that harmful software has been installed.
- If you've played on a shared system before, you should consider changing your password just in case.
- If you use a shared computer regularly, be sure to log out when you are done!



"Two tigers cannot share one mountain." - Nidalee

- You may NOT share your account with anyone, not even a friend or a family member. Doing so is against our EULA (End User License Agreement) Section III-D for a number of reasons that are listed below:
1. FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Maybe your friend wants to try out a new champion, or perhaps you want to share the account in order to maximize your IP gain.
2. ELO BOOSTERS - The frustration of losing games when it happens due to circumstances outside of your control is completely understandable, but purchasing services of an Elo booster is generally more trouble than it's worth. You are exposing your account to a potential compromise at the hands of an internet stranger and you have no way to recover your money in case the Elo booster does not live up to their end of the bargain, even if the offer is tempting.
3. ACCOUNT TRADING - This should be avoided as you will have no way to reverse the transaction if the deal goes bad. Also, since the original account owner will have knowledge of creation details, it is possible that they might even be able to recover the account via Player Support! Do not be tempted by dubious offers, like the one shown below:

4. FREE RP OFFERS - Do not click on suspicious links. Beware of scams
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