How to Purchase and Convert Shells into RP

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    1) Go to


    2) Drag your mouse to the "Payment category" and click "Topup Shells".


    3) Choose a payment type. Redeem or purchase shells from this page.


    4) Open your LoL client and go to the in-game store.


    5) Click the ''Purchase RP'' tab. Do NOT press enter upon logging in. Click the "Login" button. Please note that we currently have a limit of 3 conversions only per 24 hours (NOT per day) for security purposes. You may purchase RP again exactly 24 hours after the last conversion made.


    6) You may now choose the amount of conversion desired.


    7) Click "Convert Shells into RP" button.

    * If you are unable to see your RP immediately, this may be caused by a visual bug. Re-launch your client and check your account again.

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