How to record Mobile Legends on Android? Android 


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Jul 14, 2018
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This guide is from USA MLBB player - YT Solbash, where he teaches us to how to record the highlights and other videos, check here and below here!

And you’re always welcome to send us any interesting videos, tutorial, and other fantastic content about our game

1. Download AZ Screen Recorder

2. Open AZ Screen Recorder and you will see the Settings

3. Open Resolution under Video Configuration; Make sure Resolution is set to 1920x1080

4. Scroll down until you see Frame Rate

5. Open Frame Rate and make sure it is set to 30 FPS

6. Open Bit-Rate and make sure the minimum is 8Mbps(The higher number, the higher quality the video. Higher quality videos take up more memory.)

7. Open Orientation and make sure it is set to Landscape. (Auto may distort video if your device rotates during recording)

8. Other options in settings are based on user preference. (Camera will not work unless you purchase the app.)

9. When you exit out of AZ Screen recorder you will have a floating button on your screen. Open Mobile Legends and you will still see the red camera floating on one side of the screen

10. If you press on the floating icon you will see these options become available.

  • Settings will take you back to the main settings menu.
  • A screenshot will capture a screenshot of your device.
  • The record will start the countdown to begin recording your screen.
  • Videos will open any saved videos you have recorded on your device.
  • Minimize will close the floating icon until you reopen AZ Screen Recorder again.
  • Now you are ready to record your amazing gameplay and share it with the millions of players around the world.