How to Reduce Lag in PUBG Mobile using the Graphic Settings for better FPS

PUBG Mobile has garnered a lot of players across the globe. Who wouldn’t want a battle royale game that could be downloaded for free? It’s really impossible to make a pass on PUBG Mobile since the game has a lot of map modes and other interesting in-game features.

PUBG Mobile Graphics.jpg

Since there’s a lot of players interested in the game, there are various in-game settings provided that offer a high-quality PUBG experience. One of the settings includes the change in graphic settings which players can choose from depending on their comfort level since it has a lot of choices. These graphic settings also play a huge part in reducing the lag while in-game.

You can choose the graphic settings that prefer your style. Some offer more FPS while others offer high-quality graphics. There is the recommended graphic setting for less lag and more FPS:


  • Graphics: Smooth
  • Frame rate settings: High(30FPS), Ultra(40FPS), Extreme(60FPS)
  • Style: Colorful
  • Anti-Aliasing: Disable (Saves battery and reduces lag)
  • Auto-adjust graphics: Enable (automatically lowers settings if FPS fluctuates too much)
Here are the tips that can improve FPS in PUBG Mobile:
  • Clear RAM - You’ll get more FPS by clearing background applications. It helps the game to have more memory and offer much smoother gameplay.
  • Choose the nearest server - There are six different servers in PUBG Mobile and it includes Asia, Middle East, North America, KRJP, South America, and Europe. It is recommended to choose the server based on your current location. This helps to have a better connection and eliminate major lag issues.

  • Restrict background applications - Stop the apps that are running in the background since some use the RAM while some of them use the internet.
  • Close all background apps - Similar to restricting background apps, you can also try closing all the background apps since some use RAM that can affect the flow of the game.
  • Enable data saving - This is another option that can limit the apps that run in the background while using the internet. Players can turn on data saving mode before starting to play PUBG Mobile and untick all other apps except PUBG Mobile. This will allow the game to use the entire network and it also ensures that the ping is low.
Hope this helps you in enjoying playing PUBG Mobile!