How to Report RoS Cheaters and Hackers Guide


Hardcore Gamer
Nov 7, 2014
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Pansin ko dami di marunong magreport ng cheaters sa RoS eto guide on how to report cheaters and hackers on rules of survival.

Who to report?
Eto ang mga sample ng pwede nyong ireport
  • Hackers
  • Cheaters
  • Users using mods
  • Users with scripts
  • users who are cancer
How to report RoS Cheaters?
  • Go to RoS website
  • Select forums
  • login, you must have a registered account duh
  • Find the "Reporting Cheaters" thread (
  • Click then fill up the following
    • In-Game Name Of Suspected Cheater
    • Server
    • Links to cheats/hacking websites
    • Full description
  • Then submit
  • Simple right now just wait
Ayon sa RoS team ang pag report parin ang pinaka epektibong paraan para matunton ang mga hayop na cheaters at hackers na yan