How to reroll in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

As the adventure of Cloud begins again through the gacha RPG Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, players who are interested in the game but aren't familiar with rerolls might not know what to do. Fortunately, Square Enix made the process of rerolling for gacha an easy task for its players. Note, only weapons are pulled as the characters of the game can be obtained for free.

ffvii ever crisis reroll.png

To begin your gacha journey, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will start with a prologue that will introduce you to the story of the game as well as the many gameplay systems it has, complete with a tutorial.

But if you’re already familiar with Cloud’s adventure in Midgar, you can just skip the prologue. To skip, tap the icon at the top right of the screen to make the Menu appear. Once you have already pulled up the menu, just click the “Skip Tutorial” at the bottom right of the screen and confirm your selection.

However, if you didn’t skip the tutorial, it will give you a quick tour of the game’s main menu and basic features, including the gacha banner system. Follow the steps given to finish the tutorial and once you are done, you can finally begin your rerolling.

Thankfully, players will not have a hard time rerolling as the game has a built-in system to make the process easy. To start the reroll, close and reopen the game to the start screen then open the Menu option. Click the “Reset Game Data” in the middle of the Game Data section to delete your current account and allow you to play from the start again.

After resetting, you’ll return to the prologue, which you can skip. Head to the main menu where you can now redo your first 10 pulls. Just repeat the process until you are satisfied with your pulls. Good luck and have fun!