How to Retrieve Lost Account in ML and Prevent it from being Lost

It's always a problem when your account gets lost while you encountered problems. Things like having a new phone, your phone being lost or a sudden corruption of files caused you to reformat your phone can truly damage your gaming experience.

While some, have already prepared for the worst and does not think of it as a problem anymore, it is still a worry for the majority of players especially in Mobile Legends, thankfully we can think of ways on how not to lose your account. We'll guide you in these ways.

Retrieval of Lost Account

Lost accounts be really a pain since your progression, skins, milestones, ranked history and everything in it has disappeared.

The hardwork that you put in the game is gone and therefore, starting anew might not be palatable in your decision-making but worry not. Here are some tips in ways on how to recover your account.

First, login to a throwaway account, unbound and you can use a guest account, actually. See the man with the mic icon? Press it!

Then you'll be lead to a chatting sequence that you need to select "Account Problem"

Then, you will be given an option to choose either a Moonton account, a third-party account or maybe you've lost an unbound account.

But for most people in this case, the third option is always the problem as bound accounts are easier to retrieve, just by logging in. Find the necessary option that you have selected on your former account and fill in the necessary requirements that you need to do in order to recover your account.

Remember though, the recovery might take 30 days in order for Moonton to recover your old account.

Binding of Account

To avoid a situation like above, it's best that you bind your account to another service in order to avoid losing your progress on it.

This step is also straightforward and really helpful in order to avoid losing your account and even being hacked as long as you are careful in your account.

In the home screen, on the game click your profile, the profile picture usually leads you to this option.

Then, head to the "Accounts" Button, then you will be directed with an image above, just click an account that you have that you can bind in, and connect to that account.

Once, you succeed in logging in in that account it shows your account details in the side, then you have successfully connected it.

So for now, what can you do to protect your MLBB Account?


Make sure that in EVERY GAME you bind your account to avoid losing your progress. This advice is not limited to Mobile Legends really but in every game that has a binding option or transfer ID code, make sure you do it.

Wasting a progression can really ruin someone's day, so if you care about the days you've spent grinding on your accounts, make sure to do this!


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Oct 17, 2021
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Yin M. Vin
Guys Pwedi pa help sa pag recover ng account ko YinMayVin IGN ko and na hack fb ko at na deactivate don naka bind ml ko pero naka bind pa sa gmail pano ma recover?


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Nov 27, 2021
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Aeron dakila llono
Please help me to recover my account please maawa po kayo sakin ito po yung ml id at server 830537365(10567) kopo nakalimotan kopo na i bind ang account ko sa facebook and moontoon acc pwede niyo po na marecover yun please help me po please malapit na pasko sana matulongan niyo po ako na marecover yun kung marecover niyo po ang acc ko salamat po ng marami thank you sa makarecover sa acc ko po

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