How to send In-Game Report


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Nov 13, 2018
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Since there are many players having problem in finding a way to report directly to the Devs, I decided to make these guide in hope that those that search for this find it useful.

This method is the closest thing as you can get to keep in touch with the DEV in-game and Legit ways.

Click the icon on the top Right. It will lead you to Support Center Site.

Note : This method is mostly for those that have black screen which makes them unable to access their character.

Click More and then Click Settings.

Note: This method can be used as long as you are in-game.

Click the bottom tab and then click Support. This will open the Support Center Site.

Click the 'Cant Play the Game' FAQ. This will bring you to more FAQ options.

Note: Your game might crash when opening this site or connection error. Just simply re-do the previous step to get back here.

Click any these three FAQ Options. They should open a method on how to deal with a problem related to what FAQ.

Click the Request GM Support.

Note: There are other FAQ option that has the 'Request GM Support' but not All has this options

Please insert your related problem with as much details possible like :

Main issue, IGN Name, ID number, Last Logged Date/issue, Last Channel etc . Make sure you include screenshots relevant to your problem.

Once you managed to submit your ticket, you should be able to see it somewhere above the FAQ.

Note: If you can't see as this example picture, make sure you relog the game as you might encounter connection issue or simply because the site itself become unrespondsive (like IE)

Example of successful ticket sent with random screenshots.

Note: If your problem is solved, click the green button (Preferbly) or simply delete the ticket.

This method may not solve your problems and will require time, so please be patience and keep sending ticket one time each day.

TLDR Guide :
Click the top right Icon when you enter the 'Touch Start Game' Screen (For those that can't access the game) Or click More>>Settings>>Bottom Tab>>Support.

Once you reaches the Support site click 'Cant Play the Game' >> Click Any of the first three FAQ >> Click Request GM Support >> Write your problem in details with relevant Screenshots>>Ensure your ticket are successfully sent>>Check your ticket to ensure the details are correct and edit if needed be.

Note: This method will not always work and may require time and patience. So ensure to send Multiple Tickets, at least Once per day. Once your request is solved, please rate the ticket as finish[Green button (preferbly)] or simply just delete your Tickets.



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Feb 9, 2019
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Pinoy Car Bomb
There are instances where players are stuck in the Startup screen where the icon, on the top right, doesn't load or keeps refreshing, preventing the necessary popup steps to reach Support. Players are still stuck, regardless if they exit and reload the game. What then?

I know personally I had to reinstall the game to go around this.