How to top up in RoS using Load (Globe, Smart or Sun)

Discussion in 'RoS PH - Rules of Survival' started by rosph, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. rosph

    rosph Newbie Gamer

    In this tutorial, I will teach you how to top up diamonds in Rules of Survival using any provider like globe smart, globe, sun, or tm

    Note: For this steps, we will be using payment PaymentWall as this is the prepaid load

    Go to a store or event
    Select any item or bundle you want to purchase


    Select additional the additional option


    Click PaymentWall, if you have a credit card you can use scan to purchase


    The payment options will now display

    select mobiano or mint for prepaid load

    No select your Mobile operator


    Enter phone number then press continue


    You will receive an sms, copy the PIN


    Input in the PIN Box then click process


    Payment successful


    Congratulations you now have the purchased items


    If you have any more questions post on the comment below
  2. Just

    Just Newbie Gamer

    Around 7:20pm ill top up 150 load but when i enter the pin is invalid
  3. Damber diel

    Damber diel Newbie Gamer

    Guys i have question , i use mobiano to top up in rules of survival my sim is smart and i have 100 load but i already top up and put my no. And i put my code but its invalid but my load balance is already 0. But i dont have diamond
  4. Tyjones D

    Tyjones D Casual Gamer

    Ito ba ang proseso na ginamit niyo:

    1. login account tapos pumili ng recharge option
    2. pinili niyo ang Mobiano
    3. nilagay ang numero
    4. nagrequest ng code sa phone, "PW100 or PW50"
    5. nilagay ang code sa website ?
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